Monday, April 28, 2008

Today's the day to start new. I feel like I attempted several "new" things today. Like, I attempted my new diet plan... which was quickly put asunder when I went to see the McElroys.... double stuf oreos and Blue Bell?? -think good thoughts- I did successfully go to the gym today and I ate fairly well the rest of the day,  so we'll write today off as a draw. 

I am not journaling about my dietary indiscretions. 

I've been working hard on baby announcements this week-- pictures soon to follow-- I dont remember the last time I made something purely for myself. Somewhere in this time I need to make a few mother's day cards and a birthday card for my mom. I'm also really getting interested in seeing what my camera can actually do. Look again soon for recent work. I just love taking pictures for people, like I dont ever think of this as being anything more than a hobby... although there are a few fabulous new lenses that I neeeeeed. :) 

Current song stuck in my head: Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis

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