Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A conversation with Mauve.

Me: "So Mauve, what do you want to do today?"

"You want to go for a ride??
Maybe some other time."

"You want to go outside?"

"But it looks like this..."


"Why dont you go get your hot dog?"

"Or we could just take a nap."

Sounds good.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Storm's a comin (update)

So for those of you who arent familiar with Rockport & where it's located...

Check out the star.

So it's been nice living at the beach this past year. A year ago today I started my new job and Jordan had been hard at work for 2 weeks at his new job. I think the Lord knew we were stressed out enough already and I'm thankful we didnt have to endure a sketchy hurricane season. Because when you live on the coast (which obviously we do... the beach is less than 3 miles from our house), hurricane season is certainly something to be aware of.

And it looks like we may not be so lucky this year...

Tropical storm Alex is believed to strengthen to a category 2 hurricane before it makes landfall again. It's projected to hit around Brownsville TX which isnt Rockport, but that's close enough to affect us still. It's hard to see, but we're in the yellow-shaded area above. It's expected we will get a storm surge (which when your house is at 11ft elevation and you're expecting a 12ft surge, you can also expect a flooded house.), lots of rain & heavy winds.... and of course the storm could always turn more north and hit us directly. I guess we will know a lot more tomorrow, and the storm is projected to make landfall Wednesday.

I'm not stressed... yet.

Update: Apparently the picture of the storm's projected path (that I nabbed from the national hurricane center), automatically updates itself as the storm moves along. While this was posted yesterday 6/28, at this time, in the bottom left corner of the picture, it's listed as being updated at 10pm 6/29.
The storm (now a category 1 hurricane) seems to be turning to the south more than predicted and will hit further away. This doesnt mean we're in the clear, as here in Rockport, we're still projected to get tropical storm-grade winds, the storm surge and many inches of rain.
We've stocked up on bottled water and have candles & flashlights handy (just in case). Now we wait it out.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Girl Talk

I am thrilled to begin discipling a small group of high school girls. This is definitely something that I have always been passionate about. We have started this book...

(Image taken from Lifeway)

... which I think will be perfect as a starter.

The book is divided into 2 parts and is geared toward 2-person mentorship. It will be the beginning of a "Big Sister/Little Sister" pairing. I am so excited to get these girls together and believe it will strengthen friendships and build new bonds in the youth ministry. I also hope it will leave a more lasting legacy as other girls (and guys!) in our group will see & be drawn to similar partnerships. Also be aware that this is not a book that is necessarily designed for teens, but encourages pairings like mothers & daughters and older women & young marrieds.

The idea is that throughout this summer, myself and this very small (3-5) group of kids will cover the first half of the book which teaches the girls a new and easy way to do topical studies of the Bible. It helps them (and me!) navigate the Bible when you're looking for answers on a specific topic. Then, the second half is comprised of 10 studies that can be done with another person and uses the study techniques covered in the first half.

I am so eager to see what comes from this. The Lord is so sweet in blessing those who seek after Him and I think these "Big Sisters" are going to be just as fulfilled as the "little sisters" that they will be discipling. Please be in prayer for our older girls who are currently studying and for the younger girls they will be paired with!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Say What?

(google images)

Yesterday, I had a lucky hour.

I'd say it was my lucky day, but then I did something stupid and left my hairdryer at my in-law's house. So we'll stick with lucky hour.

Yesterday, Jordan and his dad went to a gun show (yawn.), so I decided to do some shopping. I navigated my way to the Crate & Barrel in Houston expecting to spend my birthday gift card there and head back to Sugarland to finish any other shopping I was wanting to do. Little did I know, the shopping center where C&B resides is also home to a plethora of fantastic stores (Hello Highland Village!). And what sits right in the middle of this shopper's destination?


So I've declared my love for Sprinkles cupcakes on this blog before. I was stoked to see its newest location (ok, so I was giddy as a child and did a happy dance in the car) and the line of people winding out the door, waiting just as I would for a few delectable cupcakes. I found a parking spot and made my way to the back of the line.

Here's where things got a little uneasy.

Apparently, this Sprinkles location doesnt open until tomorrow (Monday, June 21) and these people waiting in line are all employees at various shops in Highland Village. They are there because Sprinkles sent them a special invitation to a sampling party. Hmmm. I didnt RSVP. I'm not even a Houston-ite. Thankfully, the lady waiting in line in front of me claimed me as her own and I got a special sticker denoting my worthiness. Thank you nice lady!

So we waited in line for 20 or so minutes, not understanding what the plan was. The invitation was vague and the patrons leaving were saying things like, "one per person." and "not selling cupcakes until Monday" It was dang hot. Houston in July in a parking lot in the sun hot. Finally, I get inside and there are all my favorite confections! They even have strawberry-- my most favorite flavor! A nice lady behind the counter calls me over and I make my plea for a strawberry cupcake. Then, I press my luck and ask for a Red Velvet cupcake also. The nice lady looks at me and goes...

"Is that all?"

Oh joy! Rapturous Joy!!! I meekly ask for a Key Lime cupcake (the special flavor this month) and cap off my trip at 3 cupcakes. One was for Jordan, I must add. I get a Dublin Dr. Pepper and prepare to pay. The nice lady hands me my bag and says...

"Have a great day!"

Seriously? 3 free cupcakes and a free DP!!!! What's even better? I downed the Dr. Pepper while waiting for my cupcakes to be boxed and bagged and sprinkled with the crack cocaine that must make them so addictively delicious, and they gave me a mexican Coke for the road! All this for the girl who didnt really belong there in the first place! Thank you again nice lady for claiming me and getting my name on "the list."

Great day.

Check out the FBC Women blog tomorrow for my guest post about the plague called "Not-good-enough-itis."

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One.... or seven in dog years

Someone in the Mims house is having a birthday today!

She's black & furry & full of spunk!

Mauve is 1 today! Happy Birthday little Mauvey!

At our last visit to the vet, you weighed 85lbs!!! Dr. Cruzer had to give us a little weight loss pep talk. You're bigger than we ever thought you'd be! You love to eat and thankfully havent had doggy diarrhea in a long, long time. I think you're even ready to eat normal (non prescription) dog food again!!! Hurray for Ol'Roy!! (just kidding)

You've made a friend in Tinsley Pazera and will run around with her until you barf from exaustion. You like to sunbathe on the back patio first thing in the morning. Your favorite toys are your "human bone" (nylabone) and your hotdog. You can sit, laydown and bark sometimes on command. I love that you dont go in the carpeted areas of the house although I'll never know how you learned to do that.

You're funny and loving- sometimes a little irritatingly overloving, but we would have a boring home without you! Happy Birthday little furchild!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mouse House

Hurray (!!!) for one of the greatest vacations ever.

So many great memories. There are lots more pictures to come, so prepare for Mickey Overload here @ blog-o-holl*ic.

We hit all 4 major parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom) and Downtown Disney. While the weather was hot Hot HOt HOT, we never bought tickets to either waterpark, thus, we cooled off at one of the 4 pools at our Resort.

Our vacation-mates werent half bad either. (especially after I invested in a pair of earplugs! Ha!!) Seriously- I loved spending time with Philip & Samantha. The Miller boys bring out a side to my husband that is rarely achieved by anyone else.

H-Wood Studios


Funny story about this above picture. Ok, 2 stories. First: that's the tallest onion volcano tower thing I'd seen done before. This guy made something like a 24 layer onion volcano tower. Ridiculous. Second: The lady sitting next to us (that's her kid & husband pictured) was checking in her reservation when Sam & I walked up. We were trying to get a table but didnt have a reservation. When the lady heard we wanted to do this Japanese place with no reservation, she scoffs at us and says "heh- no reservation? You will not get in without a reservation"

Well guess what lady? Not only did we get a table, but you're our teppanyaki tablemate!

Animal Kingdom

I think Samantha & I may have underestimated this behemoth sized rice-krispy treat. Before this past week, I couldnt tell you the last time I'd eaten a rice-krispy treat. Lets just say, not only did we make a formidable divot into the Mickey shaped treat, but I've already made a pan since returning home.

But eating a RK treat at home watching TV doesnt hold a candle to eating a Mickey-shaped RK treat on vacation at 12:30am in the resort's hot tub.

Speaking of the resort, we stayed at the Coronado Springs Resort and the picture above is only about a quarter of the resort. It was huge! I had never stayed at a Disney hotel/resort before but Jordan reassured me it was worth it. Our Cabana was super close to the main hot tub/pool, which we hit almost every day. I would wholeheartedly recommend the Coronado and would love to stay here again sometime.

Jordan wants to go back in March.

Stay tuned for more pics, more stories, and a report from the first annual youth-led appreciation banquet (and a to-die-for salad dressing recipe.)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Back to Reality

We are home from a wonderfully fun & relaxing week at Disney World. We had a fantastic time with some great friends. We ate too much. We rode all the great rides, saw great shows and great fireworks. We lounged by the pool. We stayed up late and slept until we woke up.

In my mind I was kicking & screaming the entire way back.

(I will post pictures & more stories as soon as I find the motivation to get off the couch.)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Away Message

As of 5:30 pm last night, I am officially on vacation. Thanks to Melissa for letting me go home early from work. I was of very little use after about 4 :00 anyway.

The summer of 1,000 trips is in full swing. The blog will be quiet over the next week, but check back for photos and anecdotes from the Miller wedding and days at Disney. Jordan and I will be doing a lot of driving and flying during our trip, so please keep us in your prayers!
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