Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Moving Pains

So basically our apartment is beginning to look like a natural disaster. 

Boxes everywhere; some filled, some empty. Our living room, which I did not take a picture of, is piled with yard sale stuff. It's amazing how much junk a couple of people can accumulate in only 3 years. The sad thing is that most of our yard sale stuff is junk we came here with that never moved. I know because there was 3 years worth of dust on top of some of this junk. But what's junk to me is someone else's good deal! (Lets hope) Oh, and disregard the baby bedding. It doesnt mean anything. Seriously! Geez.

This is the carpet stain from our old decrepit printer that leaked ink all over the floor while we were tagging it for the yard sale. Thanks for costing us our apartment deposit you stinky old printer. With only 3 more weeks worth of time here. Geez.

And my poor toe got smushed moving my bulky/awkward scrapbook storage case. Why is it always the smallest injuries that hurt the most? Like papercuts! And my nice new self-painted pedicure is ruined. Geez.

I'm so done with this moving mumbo-jumbo.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Good for a few laughs

Yay it's Friday!!

Yay I'm on-call and still sitting at home updating my blog!!

In celebration of 2 good things, here's 2 websites good for a few laughs. 

It's funny; the same day I was introduced to this website by a friend from work, I saw Carey blogging about it's hilarity. A collection of... what else... awkward family photos. I think this "Pooh" get up is one of my personal favorites. 

I saw a link to this recently on Bakerella's blog and spent most of the afternoon laughing at some awfully hideous cakes. I love how the cake picture has an OBVIOUS error: and on top of that, Underneath is misspelled. Genius. 

Go laugh a little!

And this has nothing to do with smiles/laughter/poorly made cakes, but I'm sitting here blogging and watching HGTV and a commercial for the new season of Jon & Kate just came on. Can I for 2 seconds say how heartbroken I am over all these ugly rumors are swirling around this family?? Not everyone is such a fan of the show and I get it; Kate is a little overbearing. She has 8 kids. 6 of which are like 4ish years old. I'd like to see anyone try to raise that many kids without being a little anal. Plus, remember that editing and a "reality show script" can really change the perception of a person. ANYWAY. At the heart of it all, these parents are Christians and how can another Christian not be heartbroken for their brother & sister's trials? As much as I love their show, I think they should walk away if they ever plan on escaping the media and all of its ugly rumors. Also, I think Kate should cut her hair. I'm just saying. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Like the new title?

Congrats to Megan who came up with the catchy little number. Email/Facebook/Comment me on your preference of card. And way to use that thinking cap!!

I guess I can say that packing has officially begun. I have bagged up most of my/Jordan's winter clothes. On Monday, Kim (Pastor's Wife) sweetly notified me that I would rarely be able to wear such cold weather duds (I was dressed in a light sweater and dress pants- for my interview). In fact, if the forecast calls for weather less than 60 degrees, the Rockport residents prepare their fireplaces. I guess you could say Jordan and I are regretting those new NorthFace jackets that we bought this last December. That just gives us a reason to vacation somewhere really cold! Anyway, I assumed, being that it's May in Fort Worth, AND it would be a long time before we needed long sleeves again, that it would be the first and easiest thing to pack. 

I am thrilled to welcome baby Noah Edward Crawford into the world! Joel & Stacy came in yesterday -while I was working!- and I was thrilled to be her labor nurse. She did incredibly well and delivered her first little boy a little after midnight. I could only be her nurse until 11, due to policy, so I guess I cant say I was technically her delivery nurse. However, when I clocked out she was almost ready to push so I stuck around as a little extra support. Sweet little Noah is as cute as a button! Congratulations to the Crawford family! Please pray for continued health and happiness (& sleep!!!!) for this new little family! 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Paint By Numbers**

  • 704 miles
  • 23 piles of roadkill
  • 904 cows (& 5 cemeterys)
  • 9 dairy queens
  • 10 freshly self-painted toes
  • 5 llamas
  • 105 dark chocolate peanut m&m's
  • 1 life size Gorilla lawn ornament
  • a bajillion dead bugs on the windshield/bumper
  • 1 new job
You never realize how bumpy a car ride can be until you try to do something meticulous like paint your own toenails. 

So it's official! Jordan has a job in the sprawling metropolis known as Rockport, Texas. I'm so proud to say he is now the Minister of Students at First Baptist Church! Oh to finally be DINKs. We have a tentative moving date and I have at least one job offer and I interviewed for another hospital this afternoon. We've looked at houses and have found a few (one in particular) that we like. It's looking like we'll be there long before we could make an offer & close on a house, so a sweet couple from the church has volunteered to house us until we can get our own place. Once we're settled, we'll be ready for company! For those of you North Texans, we made the drive (with no stops. my poor bladder.) in a little under 6 hours. For those of you Georgians, you're gonna wanna fly. 

Here she is!
We sat on the balcony of our condo and watched a storm blow through. 
FBC Rockport
My happy hubby looking all official in his staff shirt.

Jordan preached to both services on Sunday morning and did a bang-up job. We were able to meet & introduce ourselves finally to the congregation without being all secretive. There were a few people who remembered us from our last visit and told us we looked suspicious. Jordan got a chance to meet the youth group, which was fun. They voted on us immediately after the services and we got a yes by a 99% margin, which I'd say is worth sticking around for. Those 3 "no" votes can meet me in the parking lot... 

Just kidding. 

As Jordan said on the way home, we are in store for another "adventure summer!" Stay tuned for all the moving woes, heart-breaking see-you-laters, and exciting new adventures.

**some numbers are approximated. Except the Dairy Queens. We made a point of counting them. Just to know. We're strange like that.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Keep the ideas coming!

Look how cute this is!

Just think- you could have a few handmade cards of your own! In fact, whomever wins my little blog-improvement inspired giveaway can probably easily coerce me into something other than thank yous... happy birthdays... baby cards... stationery... in whatever color palette/style you're into!

All you have to do is leave a comment with a clever new title for my blog! It's as easy as pie!

(Oh and after some careful consideration, I've decided to keep taking suggestions until Monday. If we're leaving Friday for Rockport and wont be back until Monday, I know I wont have the time this weekend to decide on my fav & make a new header with the new title!)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Graduation & Musings

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Commencement
Travis Avenue Baptist Church
May 8, 2009

Can you find Jordan? Here's a hint- he's in the sea of scarlet red hoods - The Master's of Divinity scarlet hoods. Here's another hint- he's the only person looking at the camera.

It really has his name on it! That makes it official!!

Overwhelming joy AND a sigh of relief

So proud of my lovey-cakes! I even take back all the ugly things I posted about a few days ago... which I will gently remind him of if he EVER thinks about getting his doctorate. 
My family: Me, Nana-banana, the grad, Momma, Cas & Duane. You can imagine we screamed like heathens when he made his walk across the stage for his diploma. 

Post-graduation Lunch with the fam @ Lucile's

While I'm thrilled that the schoolwork is over, I am also aware that graduation means we are leaving soon. Soon soon soon soon soon. Walking through campus the other day, I was so surprised that this journey is basically over. It really seems like only days ago that we were unpacking the truck, moving into our little bear cave. (And let me make this very clear: I will NOT miss the bear cave.) Next weekend, we will travel back down to Rockport for our last and final hurdle. By Sunday afternoon, we will know whether or not Rockport will be our new home. Then it will be start-over time all over again. When we came to Fort Worth, I left saying I hoped I would never lose touch with my Augusta friends. Now as we will be leaving Fort Worth, I hope for the same thing. Our neighbors, our seminary friends, our church friends, our work friends. I'm sad to be leaving our little network and hope that we will see them all again and stay in touch- like we have with a wonderful few friends from Augusta. I love Fort Worth. I will leave kicking & screaming, but I will leave. Maybe you should stick around long enough to read those moving posts! 

Speaking of the blog- I think I've finally found a background I'll stick with for a while. Maybe I'll get tired of it in a few days like the last few backgrounds. I'd really love a nice custom designed blog, but cant see myself spending money on something so frivolous. What I would also like to change??? The title!!

So... In search of a new blog title, maybe I'll have my very first giveaway!

Leave a comment with a few ideas for my new blog title and Friday May 15, I will pick my favorite title and the winner will get -- what else? -- a set of cutie Hollie-made Thank You cards! 

Get posting! 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

New York City

Ok, so I took around 600 pictures while I was in the Big Apple! Here are just a few highlights from the trip. 

Times Square

China Town (I got a $30 Gucci purse here!) 

Rockefeller Center

We saw Chicago and it was amazzzzzzzzing!

Friends pose at the Friends fountain (y-know, from the show?!)

Gorgeous Central Park

Another famous fountain... from lots of movies that I cant think of right now. Goodness - if we were close to something that was in a movie, someone took a picture of it. Tourists. There's some sort of tradition that takes place at this fountain that involves a bride & groom & proposing or something. I guess I wasn't really paying attention to our little tour guide.

We had dinner with another group from Baylor at the 21 club and it was delish! 

Again with the movie/picture thing- this is Teddy Roosevelt in front of the Natural History Museum- the one from "Night at the Museum." 

Manhattan (from the Staten Island Ferry, which we rode to escape paying for a ferry to Liberty Island. )

Lady Lib (again from the SIFerry!)

Downtownish Skyline

Grand Central Station

So there's a quick overview of the trip. I cant say it was as awesome/amazing/fantastic/memorable as I anticipated it would be. I think I mostly wanted to share it with my hubby. I dont remember if I've already blogged about this or not. By day 4ish everyone was homesick and maybe a little cranky (myself most of all!). I want to go back one day in the future and stay in Manhattan (not Flushing), go with my husband (and not friends), go see another musical, buy something at Tiffany's -or- well, make my husband buy me something from Tiffany, eat more pizza and less cupcakes because Sprinkles are better than Crumbs/Magnolias, and spend more time in Central Park. OH and I wont go to an OB conference that takes up 2 of the 5 days I'm there. 

Next up? Pics from Jordan's graduation. But first, a cookout with our neighbors! Yum Yum Yum. I will soooooooOooooOoooOoOoOoOOO miss my neighbors. (News on Rockport coming soon!)

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I wrote a long post about how my husband's procrastinating ways infuriate me and how not graduating is not an option, but I got to feeling a little guilty and deleted it. Still infuriated but with a lot less incriminating information.

Come back again later for some NYC pics... if my husband will ever remove his hiney from the chair in front of the iMac. 

Friday, May 1, 2009

Back to Life

Back to reality!

New York was great- details and pictures to come!

It was h-a-r-d to go back to work today. Although yesterday I was off and slept most of the day, it's always still hard to get back into the routine after being on vacation (although technically the trip was for work.). Anyway. Interesting patient of the day? A lady who didn't know she was pregnant. She was probably somewhere around 40 weeks and seriously? How can you not know? Apparently she'd been having "periods." I know it's possible to have some bleeding during pregnancy... but what about the weight gain, cravings, mood swings, oh and a full term baby kicking around? What's that about? You never felt something kicking the pee out of your bladder???? I just dont know. Can someone really not know they're pregnant? Discuss.

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