Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas and other goings on

Our family had a wonderful Christmas this year.

We spent several days in Augusta catching up with family and friends, then were home by Christmas eve, did our Christmas morning "traditions" (2 years in a row classifies it as a tradition, right?) and opened gifts. Then, we ate lunch with our dear friends. It was a great Christmas.
Air travel with a wiggly 14 month old is no laughing matter. Stickers were a lifesaver.
Silly Faces
Christmas Eve
A few hours after Christmas lunch, our train derailed.

Isaac started coughing so hard his face would turn red. He spiked a temperature. His nose was pouring mucus. Fast forward to next day at the pediatricians office. He's still coughing, still draining, still feverish. Flu swab was negative (We vaccinate. The end.), but we were sent home with a prescription for Tamiflu and instructions to start the medicine if Isaac's fever climbed higher. We were already planning a trip to Meme & Pa's house to celebrate Christmas with them, so we packed up our Tylenol, Motrin, humidifier, and bulb syringe and drove to Houston that afternoon. By the time we reached Houston, Isaac's fever was even higher, and despite having a negative flu swab, I followed our pedi's orders and started him on Tamiflu. Fast forward a few more days and my poor kiddo is still coughing, still snotty, still running fevers. What's worse? His tummy does not agree with the Tamiflu and he throws up multiple times after taking it. He was not getting better, so back to the doctor we went. Let me stop and mention how thankful I am that my pediatrician's office is open on Saturday & Sunday. Side note over. Our second trip to the pediatrician revealed a new problem: bilateral ear infections, a secondary bug from the "flu" (or other random upper respiratory virus) he had a few days earlier. Poor kiddo can't catch a break.

Thankfully, some antibiotics and a bubble bath have got us back on the road to recovery.

In other news,

Someone learned to stick his tongue out.

And someone else won their fantasy league!!!! #booyeah

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing so that by the power of the Holy Spirit, you may abound in hope
-Romans 15:13

Friday, December 6, 2013

And then this happened...

And there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Just kidding.

But I AM really bummed. Sure, the weather in DFW right now is treacherous and the thought of running in frigid temperatures through ice and snow for a couple of hours doesn't sound too appealing, but I am still really disappointed.

I didn't spend all this time training and ruining pedicures for nothing!

So I'm off to Google to find myself another race.

Or maybe I'll just run around my neighborhood 13.1 times.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Family Devotionals for Advent

Today is the start of Advent! Growing up, our family never really participated in Advent. We didn't get the calendars with the chocolate or give little gifts. It just wasn't our thang. But, this year, Jordan and I are excited to share the season of Advent with Isaac. It's a great way to orient our minds and hearts on the true meaning of Christmas-- the birth of Christ!

Here are a few free devotionals that you can read along with your family this Christmas season. There are some daily reading devotionals, some weekly reading devotionals, and a calendar of activities with correlating scripture passages to read.

Maybe you and your family don't typically celebrate Advent or have a time of family worship. Can I encourage you to choose a devotional to read together each day? This is a perfect time to start a family tradition of gathering to read God's Word. Parents, don't be afraid to lead your children in family worship- it can be a beautifully sweet time together! 

Daily Readings:
     Looking Forward to Christmas (Denison)

     Good News of Great Joy (Piper)

Weekly Readings:
     Lifeway Week One: Faith 

     Lifeway Week Two: Prepare

     Lifeway Week Three: Joy!

     Lifeway Week Four: Love

     Lifeway Week Five: Christ

Activity Calendar (Voskamp)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Treading Water

Oh dear friends, thanks for hanging in there.

Life is still moving at breakneck speed around our house, although I see a glimpse of less busy times up ahead. Here's a little random run down of what's been going on recently:

I'm finished with orientation at work, which means I've talked poor Megan's ear off about labor curves and fetal interventions (among other things) and she still wants to be a Labor & Delivery nurse. Our six weeks are finished and she's on to learning new things before getting thrust into the world of nursing on her own two feet. If you ask me, I think she's going to be a fantastic nurse.

This also means I'm back to part time hours again. Huzzah!

This past weekend was supposed to be our great and glorious Girls Retreat 2013. Notice the "supposed to be." As it turns out, our high school football team is doing really well and advancing in the playoffs, which meant they had a big time playoff game this past weekend. Considering that would've knocked out several of our girls AND a few leaders, I felt it was most right to postpone.

Do you know how difficult it can be to schedule an out-of-town retreat? Between the already-nailed-down youth events, and the other adults' schedules, and the student's extracurricular activities, and my own work schedule, and available dates at our location of choice.... it's nearly impossible to pick a date that is 100% commitment free. Oy.

This also means that I have some extra time to beef up and refine the retreat materials (quiet times, small group guides, large group discussions). Have I mentioned how great "Gods at War" is? Not to be confused with "How Great is our God" #punny I plan to share some excerpts and high points from our weekend as well as an awesome video that a friend of mine put together just especially for our weekend. If you go to her blog, you can watch it now. It's totally worth the 10 minutes. I promise.

Last Wednesday, Isaac had some swollen gums. By Saturday, he had TWO new molars AND a new canine... with another canine on the way. Poor boy has been c-r-a-b-b-y. I'm looking for the silver lining... three of his four molars and two of his four canines are in. My hope is that once the remaining molars/canines break through, he'll catch a break from teething for a little while. #momneedsabreaktoo

We've also passed a nasty upper respiratory infection around the house. I was down most of the weekend (so it's a good thing I wasn't in Brenham trying to entertain 20 other people). Isaac still has some drainage and a cough. Fellow mommies: Did your kiddos ever revert back to frequent spit ups during a cold? Isaac spit up 4 times this morning between breakfast and lunch. Most of it was mucous, so I can only assume it is drainage-related. (?)

I just happened to check the date and realized my little snotty teething lump of boy is 13 months today! Lets celebrate by throwing a temper tantrum and drooling on everything. Seems to be the norm around our house these days. Between teething and sickness, I am ready to have my happy boy back.

Thanksgiving is coming up shortly and we are both hosting another couple at our house and traveling to Houston to visit family. I've never actually cooked a turkey for Thanksgiving (last year we broke all the rules and had a ham instead.), so I am crossing my fingers on this one.

I started, endured, and finished my second 24 day challenge! This time I lost 10lbs and 8 inches overall. I'd be back to my pre baby weight if I hadn't put on a few extra pounds right before it was challenge time. Either way, I'm finally fitting back into my normal clothes without the aid of spanx or flowy-top-like-camoflage. #win

The Dallas Half Marathon is only a couple short weeks away and I am both excited and petrified. I've finished several "long" runs here lately and there's nothing that I should be nervous about, but I just can't ever shake the jitters. I think i'm currently more concerned with the logistics than the actual run, but I guarantee you, by race morning, I'll be taking nervous poops. Not lying.

The weekend after the half marathon, we're braving the skies with an almost 14 month old and heading home to Augusta for a Christmas visit. I'm open to any and all tips for flying with a wild child. Suddenly, last year's trip with a 2 month old doesn't seem nearly as daunting as it did at the time.

So maybe life isn't slowing down.

But the blog has.

Hang in there friends. And have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Busy doesn't even begin to describe it.

It's been quiet here on the blog front for the last week & a half. And of course that's due to the fact that our lives have been busting at the seams here at home! I have been busy with several really large commitments which just seem to take up every spare moment in my day.

  • My half marathon training is really starting to add up these days. Saturday I ran 10.15 miles with my running buddy. I like making that time for myself (including two other short runs during the week), but it is definitely a considerable chunk out of my overall day. 
  • I'm throwing a baby shower for a sweet friend this weekend and have been planning and prepping and organizing my buns off. I enjoy throwing parties, but the ahead of time grunt work can be ridiculously time consuming. Thankfully, there are several other hostesses who are sharing in the shower, which takes a little of the responsibility off of my shoulders.
  • Isaac seems to be dropping another nap. This time instead of it being at my leading, it's at his insistence... which hasn't gone over so well around here. Last week he was like a bionic baby, taking no naps for a few days. Zero productivity I tell ya. Zero. Thankfully, I think *fingers crossed* we've got him sorted out and are just down to one longer nap each day instead of two shorter naps. In any case, last week was stressful. 
  • I was in a catalog photo shoot. Yep, you read that right! I can now add "catalog model" to my resume. I like to think that all those years of watching America's Next Top Model while I was in college helped prepare me for this fancy pants role. Also, my mom enrolled my sister and I into "modeling" classes when we were in elementary school. We learned how to have more poise and how to hold really still in a store window. So maybe Jordan and Isaac were also included in this catalog. And maybe I was posing for a local fertilizer business. But we definitely had fun and were all handsomely rewarded for our time with Spray-N-Grow gift certificates.
  • In less than two weeks, I'll take 2 dozen high school students out of town for our annual Girls Retreat. I still need to write materials, order books, design T-Shirts, send out parent letters, meet with my adult leaders, and tie up about 100 other loose ends. I am absolutely overwhelmed right now with this and kinda feel like I've pushed myself up against a wall, but am really looking forward to a weekend away with these girls. 
  • I'm over halfway done with my preceptorship at work, which I am superthankful for (the being halfway over part.). I've enjoyed teaching and leading my orientee all about Labor & Delivery, but it is both time consuming and a little frustrating. Mostly because I know I could do everything that needs doing in a fraction of the time, but taking the reins entirely isn't conducive to learning and so I have to hand over some responsibility little bits at a time, while also explaining rationales and such in the process. Plus, adding in an extra 12.5 hour shift into each week makes such a huge difference in my overall available time. Ready to be done.
  • Lastly, I'm about 3/4 of the way through a 24 day challenge. Which doesn't necessarily take up a substantial amount of time (unless you count the fact that I'm pretty much cooking every meal... no ordering pizzas, which strangely enough is what I miss most of all), but I've definitely had a few cranky afternoons since dropping sugar & simple carbs. 
Here's hoping for a few lazy afternoons in the not so distant future...

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Isaac's Birthday Party

Here are some shots from around Isaac's birthday party! It was really loosely themed around little red wagons. I made certain to spend the party right next to my little guest of honor, which means I didn't take any pictures. Instead, I entrusted my camera to some able-bodied picture takers, who captured lots of fun moments. Enjoy!

We ate lunch, played with bubbles and sidewalk chalk, colored, ate cake & cupcakes, opened presents, and then collapsed! My little guy loved being surrounded by other kids and adults-- never once did he shy away from the attention. We served hamburgers and hot dogs with all the fixins, Ruffles and dill dip, chips and queso, chocolate dipped pretzels, cupcakes, and red punch or water. I think I stressed up until the absolute last minute, but as soon as the party got going, it was a lot of fun!!

Some of our favorite pictures from the past year.
It took him about 6 seconds to rip off the "ONE" that was attached to the front of his highchair.

The Aftermath. It should be noted that he didnt actually eat any of the cake. The kid's just not a sweet eater.
Opening presents in his new big boy chair!

Happy Birthday Little Buddy!!!!

Cake/Cupcakes: Morgan Vasquez
Hanging lanterns/puffs, balloons: Party City
Bunting, Happy Birthday Isaac hanging, ONE high chair decoration: Handmade
Bowtie Onesie: Krafts by Kizzie

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

12 Month Update!

You've made it to 1 year now! It's a little surreal telling other people that I have a one year old. You're looking & acting more and more like a little boy each day. This is by far my very favorite age, because every day is new and exciting! I would love to hit the "pause" button and just enjoy every little moment with you. You are so full of life, energy, and laughter. You are inquisitive and always investigating new things. You keep me smiling all day long. I adore watching you discover new things and saying new words-- you're growing and changing so quickly now!

Look how much you've changed in the last year!

You're just getting SO big!

So what did you do this last month besides have a birthday?? You made the transition from breast milk  to whole milk with absolutely no wrinkles. Then you went from bottles to sippy cups with zero issues. You're a champ! Nowadays your cups of milk have replaced our nursing sessions, so you get milk in the morning, before your afternoon nap, and at bedtime. It's been so easy and I'm really thankful you're so "go-with-the-flow." On the food front, we've learned that you're not a sweet eater. Ive given you cookies, cake, and chocolate and every time, you make the funniest face and just push the good stuff out of your mouth with your tongue. Conversely, you love green beans. That is 100% your daddy's palate.... because we all know mama has a mouth full of sweet teeth!
You cut a molar sometime in the last week or so, which takes your tooth count to 9. It was nice to have a few months free from teething, and I was expecting a new one any day.  I was pretty certain that you were teething a few weeks ago, but getting a peek in the back of your mouth isn't the easiest (especially when you're really protective of those sore gums!). Once again, it didn't really slow you down- you've always been such an easy teether and those molars havent seemed to bother you any more than the rest.
You're crawling, rolling, scooting, and standing, but not cruising or walking yet. Dr. Canales isnt worried at all about your motor skills yet, so neither am I! One day soon, you'll run circles around me, so I'm just enjoying these last few days of slower moving Isaac (which is kind of a laugh-- you can really get around fast!). You love throwing balls, swinging, and getting thrown in the air. You also love being around other little kids, especially if they will play with you. Even though you've been giving kisses for the last few months, here recently, you've really become more affectionate! You'll cuddle without protest and give kisses without prodding. It makes my little momma heart melt into a puddle.
You are 24 pounds & 13 ounces and a really tall 31.5" long. That means you're in the 80th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height! Your head circumference is in the 95th percentile! Big boy!!! You're wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes with the occasional 18-24 month thrown in. You're in a size 4 shoe, but it's a stuff-the-foot-in-and-pray-it-stays-on kinda setup. Looks like you'll be in a 5 soon. You're wearing a size 4 diaper.
Oh my sweet, sweet boy! I adore you to pieces. This past year has been so fulfilling, so sweet, so fun. I am incredibly proud to be your mama-- I dont know how I got so lucky. God knew exactly what our family needed when he brought you into our lives, and I am so SO thankful for you. I pray that I can continue to be the mama that you need, that I can teach you how to be a gentleman, and that you will grow up to love God with all your heart.

Friday, October 25, 2013

October 25.

One year ago today, at 6:44pm, I became a mama. 

Isaac came flying into my life and wrecked me in the greatest way possible. Our little family grew from a pair into a trio, but it was an absolutely perfect fit. Those first few weeks are just a blurred haze of sweet cuddles and stolen naps. I was exhausted, but life was full. Nowadays, you are a giggly, outgoing boy who loves giving kisses, swinging, and eating french fries. It is my favorite "age"so far and I am expecting things to get even better from here.

There were plenty of tough days. Worries and anxiety wrecked my mind over every simple thing. There were struggles within myself and the little difficulties that come with raising another person. I was clueless and you still loved me. I made mistakes and am certain to make more. I'm far from a perfect mama, but I've only ever wanted to be your mama.

And here we are, 365 days into our journey together. Days filled with cuddles and laughter. Tears and kisses. Bumps and bruises. Hair loss and baby bangs. Great night sleeps and awful naps. Stinky diapers and fun bath times. Love, love, and more love.

You filled my heart with joy in ways I'd never experienced outside of motherhood.

You have taught me that everything is washable.

I've learned to appreciate every little day, for it only happens once.

I have been richly blessed and I am endlessly grateful.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday Musings

  • On Friday, I will have a one year old. ONE. 12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days. Why does it feel like all the air just sucked out of the room?! Where did the last year go? 
  • I really need to call and reschedule Isaac's 12 month well child check up. It'll be the third time I've had to reschedule since making the appointment. Whoops! Hopefully I don't run out of do-overs, or at least don't talk to the same receptionist every time. 
  • I have been a major procrastinator in all things first birthday party prep. I felt a little ridiculous thinking about birthday things when Isaac was 6 months old, but then at 11 months, I kept telling myself I have a ton of time to get things together. Now I've got 5 days. Time to throw the Pinterest ideas out the window and commence crazylady mode. 
  • On top of Isaac's party, I'm also throwing a baby shower for a friend in a few weeks! Shoulda made her invites... oh... like yesterday. 
  • On top of these parties, tomorrow I start orienting a new graduate nurse to the wild & crazy world of Labor & Delivery. We'll be paired up for the next few months and over the course of our time together, I'll impart every morsel of wisdom I have upon her. And hopefully she won't run away screaming. It should be fun! 
  • And then rounding out my too-much-on-my-plate-kinda-life, I'm in full swing planning mode for this year's Girls Retreat. We'll be working through the book Gods at War by Kyle Idleman, which I have recommended to anyone who will pay attention. It's incredible - one of those painful but good kinda shakeups... and yet, it's written with lots of great anecdotes and funny moments, which makes for an easy & enticing read. I hope the girls enjoy it as much as I did. 
  • I never had a SINGLE problem last week after dropping breastfeeding. No engorgement. No leakage. No Isaac problems. It was easier than I could have ever imagined and I feel like I'm out of the woods regarding those uncomfortable issues. I've even started introducing whole milk mixed in with frozen breast milk and Isaac has taken to it really easily. Totally awesome & two thumbs up. On the negative side, I've had one two THREE bags of frozen milk with a hole, which turns the thawing process into a huge mess. How did that happen? Thumbs down.
  • I ran my scheduled 7 miler this weekend. It was nice to finish in less time than it took me to run 6.4 miles the week before. Maybe my half marathon time goal isn't so far off base after all. I am already dreading the thought of running 8 miles this week. To ice bath or not to ice bath? That is the $10 question. Those of you seasoned runners, what distance do you start with the ice baths? Or do you ice bath at all? Can I say ice bath one more time? Ice bath. Ice bath. Ice bath. 
  • I beat my husband and retained my first place status last week in fantasy football. It wasn't the face-stomping I was hoping for, but a win is a win. Of course, I'm currently in the middle of another week and another opponent which I may or may not beat depending on how tonight's game plays out. Fingers crossed.

  • I love y'all and all.... but I gotta get back to party prep. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Bye Bye Breastfeeding and other weekend events

So last week ended up being link-up central around these parts. Midweek confessions, #onebigtruth, and SUYL, olé! While they're all significant to me in my life at this time, it's also nice just to sit & chat for a minute.

For the first time in a long time, this weekend had nearly nothing on its agenda. And that was awesome. Jordan and I were able to steal away a night alone and ate a delicious dinner baby-free. In true parent fashion, we spent the majority of the meal talking about how cool our kid is. Because, well, he is. And what else do supercool parents do on a date night? Go to Target of course. After dropping some major cash on things like sippy cups and shower gifts, we went home and rescued our valiant babysitters from Mauve.

After a lovely and relaxing night out, I got up before the sun (and my son) did and went on a run with one of my half-marathon training friends. You know how sometimes, during a run you feel like you could go 1,000 miles and still have energy left over? And sometimes you feel like every step is a physical and mental battle? This run was definitely NOT the 1,000-mile-and-still-have-energy-left type of run. It was humid. It was hot. I literally got a dozen mosquito bites. It was my toughest run to date. Slowly, but surely, we churned out 6 and a half miles. I'm not proud of my time, but I am proud of finishing. Plus, it totally justified a cupcake at the baby shower I attended Saturday afternoon. This week's schedule is 3 miles / 3 miles / 7 miles. I'm confident after finishing this weekend's run, that 7 will happen. I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can...

Mommy + Isaac photo session after a sweet shower for baby Grace
There's another significant thing that happened this weekend: I stopped breastfeeding. Saturday night was my last nursing session with Isaac and it was sweet. There are lots and lots of reasons why I chose now to be the end, but essentially (and without long explanations), it just felt right. He did wonderfully well transitioning from 3 nursing sessions per day, to two sessions and one bottle, to one session and two bottles, to done! I'm thankful to have a plentiful stash of frozen milk to carry him through the end of his first year without needing any kind of supplementation. I'll probably even have enough to make one final donation to the milk bank. Surprisingly, not only has Isaac done incredibly well with this new transition, but I'm feeling really fantastic about things as well. I assumed I would be a basket case on Saturday night after that very last feeding, but I think the perfect word to describe my state of being is nostalgic. It was an incredible end to an incredible journey.

I know everyone is on pins & needles to hear how my fantasy football week ended up after I confessed my (ahem) unhealthy obsession with winning. Or perhaps I'm the only one who's on pins & needles. Of course, the week doesn't end until MNF is over and done. Unfortunately, it's not going to be the face-stomping I was hoping for. (Maybe this isn't such a good thing for my marriage...). In fact, it's going to be really close. Really really close. And because I'm all played out, I just get to watch my husband rack up the points tonight and feel utterly helpless, which isn't the most awesome position to be in.

See? I'm so verklempt, I'm ending sentences with prepositions.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Working Moms Unite!

If you're over from Kelly's Korner, then welcome! I'm excited to be connecting today with other working moms across the interwebz. It seems like in the social circles I frequent, that the SAHM is the glorified, superior form of a mom, but not all of us have the luxury of staying at home... or the desire to stay at home. And that is OHHH-KAY. I adore being a mom to my son and I love my job!

If you are new to this corner of the blogosphere, here's a quick little pinch of info about me:
I'm a mom AND I'm a Labor & Delivery nurse and I love it! I've been a nurse since 2006 and specifically in L&D since 2007. I couldn't see myself being as happy or fulfilled in any other realm of nursing - I seriously adore being an L&D nurse. It is exciting and fast-paced and heartwarming and sometimes devastating. Every day, I get to be an integral part in a family's most exciting and life-changing days. It's an honor, really. Each day is completely different with unique patients and challenges. Aside from simply laboring patients, I also get to work in the OR when there's a c-section, and I get to flex my triage muscles when patients come in with various pregnancy-related complaints. I work at a hospital in Corpus Christi that delivers around 300 babies per month. I've worked at hospitals that deliver twice as many and at hospitals that deliver a fraction of that amount. No matter the pace, it's all the same goal: healthy mom and healthy baby.

Of course, being a mom who works outside the home has it's downsides. Because we don't put my son in daycare (except for mother's day out when it's offered), I really only work on the days my husband is off. And I'm home on the days he is at work. Sometimes it feels like we're "two ships passing in the night." Because of this, I've become very protective of our family time. Then of course, it absolutely hurts my heart to leave before my son wakes up and get home after bedtime. A day will come where I will miss an important holiday because I'm working. Shift work is just not family friendly.

It's such a trade-off being a working mom. On both sides of the coin (SAHM vs Working Mom) there are big sacrifices. For me, I don't see it as trading "time with my son" for "money and prestige." (prestige and nursing? that's a laugh.) Being a nurse is almost as much of a ministry as being a loving momma and wife! It really is exceptionally difficult to spend the day apart from my little guy, and at the same time, I really do feel proud of my contribution to our family. I hope my son grows up to see both his father and mother working hard to provide a nice life for him. With God's grace, I surely hope to be both an awesome mom AND an awesome labor & delivery nurse.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Today I'm participating in a fun link-up with Courtney's blog called #onebigtruth. The premise is simple: share a before and after photo of yourself revealing a big truth that God has taught you recently --or over your lifetime! It's all about being encouraged by each other and visibly seeing God moving through our lives. 

So here's what I've been learning over the past year:

Like any well-meaning mom, my desire is to show Christ to my son. To live it, to talk about it, to learn each day. And I felt like I was pretty well-prepared and well-stocked for such a mission. We have the kid Bible, the children's devotional book, the BabyFaith dvd's, the scripture-based lullabies, the wall art, the daily prayer time......... Basically, you name it. We had it.


It didn't take long for me to come to the realization that instead of me spending countless hours pouring God's Word into my child and "growing" him in the knowledge of Christ, I was the one who was really learning and growing. That's not to say that we still aren't using every opportunity to teach Isaac about God, but the tables have certainly been turned on me. Parenthood has definitely been more about making me holy than anything else.

And I've even noticed growing in different ways with different seasons. In the beginning, when Isaac was brand new, I marveled at God's creation. I soaked in the new life and praised Him for my perfect son. I caught a glimpse of what God's unconditional love was truly like when I was blessed with a child that I was am fiercely in love with. Never before had I experienced such depth to love and once again I marveled at the depth with which God must love me.

Later, when my boy was a little older and things weren't all rosy cheeks and peaceful naps, I learned quickly that I was not the patient, self-controlled person I had always believed myself to be. Afternoons full of tears and frustration led me to a deeper understanding of how God must view his children when they deliberately choose to follow other things. I wanted so desperately for Isaac to choose the "good" way or the "right" things, and even when he didn't, I still had to love him. And be patient with him. And continue to lovingly encourage him. Oh how vast must God's patience be for me!

Now, I am learning what joy truly is. Watching him learn and discover new treasures thrills my heart. His giggles and laughter are so very sweet to hear. He fills my every cell with joy and I am astonished at the thought that I can bring this much joy to my creator.

So while I thought I was teaching my son about Christ, as it turns out, Christ was using my son to teach me more about Himself.

What is your #onebigtruth?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Midweek Confessions 10/9

-I bought a new pair of work shoes recently. My old pair was both stinky stinky stinky and had a hole in the toe. Considering I frequently christen my shoes with amniotic fluid, I wasn't willing to pay a lot of money on them. Thanks to RueLaLa for offering me up some adorable tennies for less than $50. I've worn them for a week now and um, well, while they are ridiculouslycomfortable, they already stink like dirty feet. It's no wonder my coworkers put Odor Eaters in my locker. More than a subtle hint.

-I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies for our MNF meet-up and went out on a cra-ay-ay-azy limb and put not one... or two... but THREE different kinds of chocolate chips in the mix. And I may have already eaten nearly a dozen by myself.

-My husband begged me to play on his fantasy football team this season and like a dutiful wife, I may have reluctantly agreed. Well check out who is on the top of the pack after week #5:

RankTeamW-L-TPts ForPts AgnstStreakWaiverMoves
1avatar Hello Nurse4-1-01063.92887.58W-224
2avatar FiredUp3-2-01010.25879.93W-23-
3avatar Blue Knights3-2-0912.43854.73W-1510
4avatar X-men2-3-0948.04984.66W-1110
5avatar Minister of Defense2-3-0947.71889.33L-274
6avatar saintspone2-3-0911.751021.32L-145
7avatar MinerNiners2-3-0895.751026.16L-185
8avatar sgt. slaughter2-3-0884.561030.70L-2613
Last standings update: Wed Oct 09 03:51am EDT

(I'm Hello Nurse) (that means I'm in first place) BOOOYA. My husband would tell you that this fantasy football thing has turned me into a maniac. I don't just want to win. I want to obliterate the competition. My grand plan is that if I can absolutely dominate, that he won't ask me to play again next year. This week I play my husband... and I plan to stomp his face in.
01 09 10