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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Jamberry Review

One of my dearest and most-loved friends, Holly,  recently became a Jamberry consultant. Have you heard of Jamberry? The nail wrap? It's like nail polish that you put on like a sticker, but don't be fooled, it's nothing like the stick-on nails you tried out at that birthday party when you were 8 years old. These are sophisticated, easy to use, and long lasting nail products. Holly was awesome enough to send me a set of wraps for free in exchange for an unbiased review of the product.
For starters, it took me FOREVER to pick out only one wrap design. It's an understatement to say they have tons of different designs. Plus, you can design your own nails making the possibilities absolutely endless. Not only does Jamberry make nail wraps (for kiddos also!), but they make nail polishes as well.
I ended up deciding on a nice fall-ish gray base with metallic gold accents called Urban Lights.  Personally, I'm not quite bold enough for some of the prints they offer, although I love the idea of combining a graphic print on an accent nail with a solid color wrap on the other nails (next time...). I was really pleased initially with the look of the wrap when I received it. Plus, a single sheet of wraps allows for 2 manicures and a pedicure! If I were going down the street to my usual nail place, that would cost me $80! FYI, each sheet of wraps will cost you about $15.
Applying the wraps well takes a little bit of practice, but after watching a few youTube videos and hearing from Holly what has worked for her, I chose to do the cold application with the assistance of a plastic bag. The claim is that they require zero drying time versus traditional nail polish, and while it's true that the wraps are obviously not the same as liquid, the time it took me to apply both hands was comparable to applying 3 layers of polish with drying time. I'm sure with additional practice, it would take less time to apply. It's really important to have an orange stick, a heat source, and a good nail file on hand when you're applying a wrap. Unfortunately I did not use an orange stick, nor did I have a good quality nail file (what kind of a girl am I?!) and I think it negatively affected my application. I learned later that the wraps with metallic accents are the thickest and most difficult wraps to apply. Regardless, here's some photos of my work:
Note: All photos with the exception of this one are Jamberry stock photos, provided to me by Holly.
Despite my less than perfect first timer application, the wraps lasted 14 days, with the exception of my left index fingernail wrap which came off on day 13 while I was trying to put Isaac's shoe on. With as much as I do with my hands on a day to day basis, it was pretty wild to see such a random task take down the wrap after nearly 2 weeks with no issues. I had to remove the remaining wraps on day 14, and it felt like they would've easily last several more days. There was minimal wear & tear around the tips of the fingers that I use the most, but that was always easily fixable with a nail file and some minor trimming.
Final verdict: I'd totally use these again! I love having color on my nails and this makes applying and maintenance really easy. I got tons of compliments on my nails while I was wearing the wraps. They lasted through several work days as well as washing dishes, folding clothes, playing in the dirt with my boy, yard work, and all the other everyday mom tasks. I feel like it's also important to mention that I painted my toenails with my wraps on and there was no interruption in the wrap while I was handling nail polish remover. I'll probably wait and use the remaining manicure's worth of wraps just before we go out of town next week so I have a fresh set of nails for our big trip and my first baby shower! Yay!
If this seems like something you'd like to try, visit Holly's Jamberry site! If you buy 3 wraps, you get the fourth wrap for free, which is great for mixing and matching OR great for stocking stuffers! Less than 2 months before Christmas folks!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Isaac!!

I can't even believe that my little baby is now 2 years old! I remember his birth so vividly, it seems like it couldve happened last week. And just like 3 days ago, we celebrated his first birthday. Now, all of a sudden, I've got this chatty, stubborn, hilarious, bossy, sweet toddler on my hands.
What are you up to these days Mr. Isaac?? Most recently, you moved into a new room! In preparation for a new sibling, you "graduated" to a big boy room with a big boy bed instead of a crib. (Pictures & room details to come!) So far, you've done incredibly well with this transition. Sure, we've had a few escape attempts (you were never one to climb out of your crib), and I don't think we're in the clear quite yet, but I'm so proud of you. It just further confirms the fact that you're growing up. *tear
You continue to be really tall for your age, although I noticed youve slimmed down over the last couple of months. Im pretty certain you grew 4+ inches over the summer. You're measuring 36.5" and 33 pounds, which puts you in the 95th percentile. I went birthday shopping last week and was surprised to find out that you should be wearing 3T clothes! And all this growth apparently has nothing to do with your pickier eating habits. Lets face it, you're embracing some toddler independence, telling me some foods are "yuck!" or "gwoss!" even if you happily ate the same thing just a few days prior. Such a silly monkey. Your favorite foods are "pizza" and "fwies and sauce." In speaking about meals, you've also decided you're too big for a high chair and would prefer to sit in a regular chair just like mom & dad.
You've unfortunately learned how to say "NO"and its funnier counterpart, "No way!" Some days discipline is hard and I'm pretty sure I have no idea what I'm doing. But instead of sharing my woes with you, I'd rather choose to spend my time remembering how great you are! Like how you're a pro at the cute-but-mischievous smile when you get into trouble! And like how you give the greatest hugs (a "big kweeze!") and kisses ("meese!"). You're almost always in a happy, playful mood. You're also getting better every day at putting up your toys, cleaning up messes, and throwing trash away. While I'm sure you're oblivious to the implications of gaining a sibling, you seem to be getting more and more accustomed to the baby in mama's tummy. You're happy to say "Hi!" or "Hewwoh baby!" and will even blow kisses to the baby. I'm hoping you'll be a fantastic big brother.

You're SO into Cars and Curious George right now. You've seen Cars so many times, you can quote the movie in several places. Your "Queen" car is your most-played-with toy by far. We read "Curge" (George) Occasionally, you'll ask to watch Nemo, Monsters, Inc. or Thomas the tank engine and rarely we'll read The Little Blue Truck or Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. You love to draw and color with crayons or chalk, ask to go to the park on a daily basis, and remind me everyday that "pool closed." I think your favorite pastime these days is jumping on mom & dad's bed.
You continue to blow me away with your vocabulary and speech. You're speaking in short sentences and coming up with new words and expressions on a minute-to-minute basis. You can recognize most of your letters and can count to eleven. I haven't been especially diligent talking to you about colors, so that's still got some room to grow, but I'm not even remotely worried.
Isaac, you have brought an indescribable amount of love and joy into my life. You made me a mama and taught me what unconditional love feels like and looks like. I am so grateful for you and I pray continuously that I am the momma you need, that God would equip me, and that He would shape and mold your heart. You've been entrusted to us for such a short time and I hope we show you the grace and love that Christ offers. I love you so very much sweet boy!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Baby #2 Fantasy Registry

Even though Isaac isn't even 2 years old yet, there are LOTS of new and fancy products for babies that have come along since he was born. I have already decided in my own brain what items I liked and disliked the first time around (check out my 17month recap post on this), but there are some brand new (or at least new to me) products that I'd love to check out. In all reality, we have almost zero needs to get ready for baby brother/sister!

Wants? ...Sure...

Needs? Eh, we're pretty much covered.

I mean, our actual registry has a grand total of 20 items on it, half of which are disposable things like diapers, wipes, breast pads, milk storage bags, soap, diaper genie refills, and the like. So just for kicks & grins, I've come up with a totally indulgent baby #2 wish list/fantasy registry... aka:

"What I'd buy if money were no object."
GroAnywhere Blind. Portable blackout curtains! Genius!! Take them with you to the babysitter's house, the hotel, the grandparents house, and transform a room from sunlight filled to dark and sleepy. Since I can easily tell a difference in the quality/longevity of Isaac's sleep in relation to the light in the room, this seems like a no-brainer.
Woombie. I was a huge swaddle fan with Isaac and didn't learn about the woombie until after we'd transitioned him out of the swaddle. The 4-way stretch fabric allows for some stretching and recoil of the arms and legs, while being virtually impossible to break free. Easy to zip on & off and there's no need for blankets which can get tangled up and become dangerous for littles.
Anything from TurbansforTots. Thank you Erika for this one. Obviously, this item is contingent upon  baby M being a girl. Seriously, have you SEEN some of these bows?! Be still my cheetah-print-loving-heart!!! And for the price, I could buy one in every pattern. While we're talking about Erika's terrible baby product influence, I also recently added this to my minimal registry. Consider yourself warned.
Keekaroo Diaper Changer. So during my first pregnancy, I searched for MONTHS for a Cooshee changer, which is basically the same product "sold" by a different company. Anyone who's ever changed a baby knows that solids and liquids don't always stay in the diaper. Heck, just last week, Isaac came home from church nursery with his diaper on backwards (?!?!) and pooped straight out the back (er, front?). What's more gross than getting poop out of your kids hair? Having to deal with poop-crusted fabric changing pad covers. Enter the Keekaroo... a slip proof, non-fabric, one piece changing pad. The coated foam material is bacteria-resistant and wipes down easily. Yay for cleanliness!
A Great Nursing Cover. No more tucking or positioning or sitting weird to prevent a side boob peek. No peek thru at the top to worry about when someone is standing at an opportunistic angle nearby. Super comfortable and breezy modal fabric. Idiot proof, slip proof, and CUTE! Plus, there are lots of options floating around out there (The Dria Cover is what's pictured above) which are cut to fit like infinity scarves, can be worn as a maternity top, or even worn post pregnancy with a belt like a tunic. Yay for multi function! What more can you ask?
A fabulous new purse diaper bag. I love the idea of having another multi function item in my mom arsenal: A baby bag that can double as an everyday bag without doing a double take. Or a roomy everyday bag with plenty of interior pockets that could double as a baby bag. Mostly just a great reason to treat myself to a new purse (as if I needed one...)
Blue Apron Meals. C'mon... what new mom wouldn't love fresh, pre-portioned ingredients delivered straight to your door with easy to follow instructions for meals that are ready in 30 minutes or less? No grocery shopping. No chopping or meal prep. Plus, the meals are healthy and delicious! Could I have breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivered??? While we're "registering" for meals, I'd also like to register for a maid service and a laundry service. This is a fantasy, right?

So mayyyyyyybe I added one or two of these wish list items to my registry. Judge all you like. But hey, I can get 15% off once this baby arrives!

What would you put on your fantasy baby registry? Or fantasy wedding registry?

Friday, October 17, 2014


Seems like everyone has posted a "Currently" blog in the last few weeks, so being the always-late-to-the-party-follower that I am, I thought it'd be a funny glimpse into my mind. Also, I have a few moments to blog with nothing in my brain worth sharing.

Maybe it's because my brain is feeling more and more empty as this pregnancy goes on. Placenta brain: It's a real diagnosis.

Here's what's happening in my corner at this moment in time:

Listening... to the hummmm of the air conditioner. And nothing else. Sweet, sweet nap time silence.

Eating... a handful of candy corn. Lunch consisted of a frozen pizza. I should make sure to take my prenatal vitamin today, since my nutritional intake so far today has been sugar and cardboard.

Drinking... A big glass of water!

Wearing... The t-shirt I slept in last night, a pair of Nike shorts, and a nursing bra. My overall plan for today was to clean the house and play with my kid, and neither of these tasks require makeup, hair, or appropriate attire. At least I'm wearing shorts and a bra. You're welcome!

Feeling... Irritable. (This hits close to home.) Not sure if it's hormone-related or if everyone around me has purposefully been dancing on my last feeble nerve. Plus, I'm battling another round of congestion and a toddler who has a newfound love of the word "no". All in all, it kind of feels like survival mode. Hence the pizza and day old clothes. #RealLife

Weather... is beautiful! Sunny, breezy, and not fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk hot. Here in South Texas, we call that a "cold front."

Wanting... a pedicure! It's getting harder and harder to reach my toes, which are woefully neglected right now. Plus, it's still warm enough to wear sandals and flip flops, despite the aforementioned cold front, meaning my toes are committing the ultimate girl crime.

Needing... another glass of water. All this stuffy-nose mouth-breathing has me parched. I guess I could also use some chapstick.

Thinking... I really need to get up and clean the bathroom already. Because it certainly won't clean itself and with lots of wedding festivities this weekend and 12 hour shifts on Monday & Tuesday, it's now or never next week.

Enjoying... all the little bumps and wiggles from baby #2. (He/She likes candy corn apparently) This child squirms around 24/7, and I love it. What do you think Baby Mims #2 is? Little sister or baby brother??

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Guest Blogger Tomorrow

So I know it's been quiet around here ((again)) and I'm trying not to let myself feel guilty for letting the blog go untouched for so many consecutive days. Between working a little more here and there, dealing with another round of allergy-related congestion issues, helping a dear friend prep for her wedding, and fielding a cranky almost-2 year old who really likes the word "NO"... it's been a busy few weeks.

But that's not to say I haven't had something in the works! Tomorrow (Friday), I'll be a featured blogger over on E's blog, Teaching Sam & Scout. I'm chatting about life as a working mom, the ups, the downs, and all the in-betweens. If you're looking for a little labor & delivery fix, I'll share about one of my recent shifts. The post is part of a series on Working Moms, so you can visit E's blog if you're in the working mom realm and need a little encouragement! I've really enjoyed reading about all these other moms and how they make working work.

Well, instead of more life updates, it looks like my already-cranky toddler has decided naps aren't on his schedule today, so I'm off to put out some fires. It might be a long afternoon in our house!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 24 Weeks!!!

I've reached the point of viability! Even though I know that IF I delivered early for some reason, my baby has a chance of survival... I still obviously don't want to have a baby 16 weeks early. Stay in there little sugar lump! Oh, and lets not even think about the fact that I have 16 weeks (potentially less!) before this baby makes his or her entrance.

I'm pretty certain baby has gone through a growth spurt in the last 48 hours. At a bridal shower yesterday, I was feeling uncomfortable in any position I found myself: sitting, standing, walking, etc. Then this morning, I am feeling noticeably bigger but no longer uncomfortable. You can compare this week to my 20 week pic, there's definitely a growing bump!

Total Weight Gain: Fourteen pounds. It's always painful to look at my numbers increase each week, but I'm trying not to stress too much anymore.

Fetal Size: about 1.3 pounds and as long as an ear of corn... or about the size of a foot long sub! Ha!

Movement: This baby is still all over the place. Movements are getting so strong these days that baby can kick objects off of my belly. I love these little bumps and wiggles!!!!

Symptoms: Aside from an uncomfortable day yesterday, nothing much is bothering me. Well, as long as I'm faithful to take my antacid, because if I forget even one day, I'll be breathing fire. 

Cravings: I've been eating a lot of apples, but I think that's only because it's the season for great apples. I could go for an apple fritter right about now...

Aversions: Still nothing.

Next Up: My one-hour glucose challenge test and a repeat ultrasound for cranial anatomy. 

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