Monday, November 15, 2010


I am taking an indefinite break from my blog. Please text or call me if you need me for any reason. I hope you will respect my absence and be in prayer for me. I hope to come back and be more intentionally God-honoring.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

30 day blog Challenge: Day 14

Day 14: A Picture You Love

This picture was from when Cameron was about 3, and he and uncle Jordan were playing a game together. Lots of laughter and good times associated with this sweet picture.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

30 day blog Challenge: Day 13

Day 13: Goals

My thoughts are consumed with race day nerves and I cant really think of anything that may happen after 7:15 tomorrow morning. Mind you, I have many life goals and when I first started this countdown/challenge thing, I thought this would be a fun day to put up my bucket list. I'll have to make that another blog post down the road.

So here are my goals for tomorrow's half marathon:

1. Have fun
2. Finish the Race
3. Set a new Half-Marathon PR (personal record)
4. Finish in 2:30
5. Be pumped enough to sign up for an additional half marathon in the next few months.

Friday, November 12, 2010

30 day blog Challenge: Day 12

Day 12: What You Believe

I believe... in Jesus Christ.

I believe... He is the son of God and that the crucifixion and resurrection paid the price for my sins. Death is defeated and Christ is alive and will return. He is my redeemer and savior. What incredible, unconditional love displayed by our creator!

I believe... the Bible is truth and completely infallible. God's Word is given to us to guide and lead, it imparts wisdom, and reinforces His love for us. I dont see the Bible as a book of rules and restrictions, but protection and freedoms.

I believe... the church is the body of Christ. Anyone who professes to be a Christian should be plugged in and serving at a church, working together to accomplish great things for the kingdom of God. I think we need the fellowship of other Christians as encouragement and accountability.

I believe... that I screw things up a lot and am grateful for the sweet unending grace of God. I fail and I fail and I fail again and still He never leaves me. I do stupid things, even sometimes when I know I am wrong. I desperately need more of God each day and have been praying that He would soften my heart, draw me closer, and transform my life to be more like Him.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

30 day blog Challenge: Day 11

Day 11: Favorite TV Shows

Gone but not forgotten...

Long time Favorite...

And my current absolute favorite...

What's your favorite tv show?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30 day blog Challenge: Day 10

Day 10: Something You're afraid of

So here goes another half-hearted entry. One LONG day at work (stayed an hour after shift change just catching up on my charting. Ugh.) + another long day tomorrow = complete disinterest in anything that doesn't include carbs & Glee. I'll add linkys to this post & yesterday's post sometime soon. Promise. Until then: my fears...

-Throwing Up. (this includes Jordan vomiting)
-Cockroaches, Snakes, & stinging Insects (bees, wasps, spiders, etc.)
-The sting of rejection

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30 day blog Challenge: Day 9

Day 9: A Picture of Your Friends

Ok, cop out...I've pulled lots of pics from facebook & flickr of me & my wonderful friends. Y'all should be proud I'm even blogging, given I've spent the last 6 hours of my life in an airport or on an airplane! Back home again! I've missed my husband, my Mauve & my BED!

I have the greatest friends & appreciate them more than I have words for. (and that has nothing to do with being tired!)

Monday, November 8, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 8

Day 8: A place you've traveled to.

So I like to think that at my age, I've done a great deal of traveling. I'm really really fortunate for this and in turn, I love to see new places. I've been all over the US (CA, GA, AL, TX, FL, NC, SC, VA, MD, CT, NY, IL, OH, KY, MA, LA, MS...), Hawaii, Mexico, Honduras, all through the Carribbean, England, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland... you get the idea.

So I would have a really hard time picking one single place to talk about. And then I got to thinking, what if I talk about the place I've traveled to and am currently visiting! Like, right this minute!

Augusta, Georgia!

Ok, so some of you probably believe I'm cheating. Sure, I grew up in Augusta! And now I live in Texas and Augusta has become a destination rather than my home. (wow, it makes me a little sad to type that) I came into town to throw my sweet sister a fun & exciting wedding shower. Jordan stayed home this time, but I'm thrilled because both of us will be back in 4 short weeks for Casey's wedding!

It's funny how different your hometown becomes when you no longer live there. I can remember longing to get out of Augusta when I was in high school. I guess you could easily say I got my wish, and now that I've been gone for several years, I think very fondly of my hometown. I love coming back to visit and seeing my family and wonderful old friends. Jordan and I will often meet friends and family for lunch or dinner and eat at some of the awesome restaraunts that are exclusive to Augusta... we usually gain about 5 or 6 pounds while here! Mostly our trips home are fun and exhausting and sometimes they're sobering, because we come to the realization that just as our lives have moved on since living here, so have everyone else's.

I will always consider Augusta to be where I was born and raised. What is a place you have traveled to??

Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: Favorite Movies

I like all kinds of movies! This is a fun topic to write about!! I like fun movies, lovey movies, animated things, action movies. The one genre that I'm a little less than excited about would have to be horror, but I also like a little scare every once in a while. Ok, Rarely.

I also like to quote movies. A lot! I sometimes quote movie lines in everyday conversation. This buys me lots of funny looks- unless the person I'm talking to is a fan of the movie. I get a thrill out of PW's movie line quizzes!! Check out these favorites:

"The brothers, they think I dont know a buttload of crap about the gospel, but I do."

"Hey didya see that sky today? Talk about blue."


"You can read minds?"

Ok enough. Back to the topic at hand.... my favorites!

Nacho Libre
Monsters, Inc.
The Notebook
The Dark Knight
The Blind Side
High School Musical
Pirates of the Carribbean
Lord of the Rings
Music and Lyrics
...and probably about a hundred more. What are your favorites?

5 points to the person who knows the movies that correspond to the quotes above!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 6

Day 6: Post a picture of something that makes you happy

(thanks Google Images for the KKs)

So it's breakfast (kind of) here in Georgia and alllllllll I wanted this morning was a hot & fresh krispy. They make me happy. I received a dozen and was forced to share them with my family.

Just kidding. I shared nicely. After I'd eaten 2.

And by 2, I mean 3.

What makes you happy today????

Friday, November 5, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 5

Day 5: Siblings

Aside from brothers/sisters-in law, I have 2 awesome sisters: my older sister, Jennifer and a younger sister, Casey. Jenn is a special ed teacher and Casey is a nurse! (I tried to talk her out of it, but she didnt listen!!) They both live in Georgia so I dont get to see them nearly as often as I'd like to, but that makes our time together even more special.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 day blog Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: Your First Love

While I could definitely say that my first love is Jesus, then Jordan, and then my momma (or mom then Jesus and finally Jordan if you're going chronologically) , I'm sure this question is much more centered around my first "Goodness gracious I want to marry you & have your babies!" love, so I'll tell you a little more about my husband.

I met my hubs in the spring of 2001 when I was the ripe old age of 16 at DNow. I would say that we technically met the November prior, but Jordan doesnt recall this introduction...I guess it's a good thing first impressions dont always stick. I was a junior in high school and he was a senior at another nearby high school. Our first date was my junior prom, although we didnt make things "official" until the date was over. Jordan was on track to attend Liberty University that fall, which for those unaware, is in Virginia. I would be staying and finishing high school in Georgia, which for those unaware is several states away. I was stressing over this, but lo & behold, he backed out of going a few weeks before and elected to stay in Augusta. I cant say for sure if I had anything to do with his change of heart, but given that we are both horrible at long distance communication (this was before Facebook people!), I was relieved.

We ended up dating another 5 years and finally tied the knot on July 8, 2006.

He's a pretty fantastic guy and even though I haven't had his babies yet, I still would like to someday. He is kind & considerate and always lets me eat some of his french fries. He's goofy, doesnt take himself too seriously and makes me laugh all the time. He is patient with me. I can say without a doubt that I love being his wife!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 2

Day 2: Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

It's a little self explanatory right?? My name is Hollie & this is my blog.

My sweet friend & mommy Megan actually came up with the name for me. You should all take a minute and head over to her blog and tell her how beautiful her little boy is! When I first started blogging a few years ago, I titled my blog "Ellipses" (that's the fancy name for "..." in case you were wondering). I thought it was profound and appropriate, considering I used ellipses a lot. But lets face it, the name was boring. So I was fresh out of fun ideas for a new blog name and offered some handmade cards in return for a great name. Megan was the winner!

Another friend, Melissa, offered up some blog name ideas during the same giveaway, which eventually became my tagline. You should all take a minute and head over to her blog and tell her how beautiful her little boy is! (anyone seeing a pattern here??).

Monday, November 1, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1

Day 1: Introduce yourself, recent picture, 15 interesting facts.

My name is Hollie Marie Mims. I'm 26 years old. My husband Jordan and I celebrated 4 years of marriage this past July (and we dated for 5 and a half years before marrying!). I believe Jesus Christ to be my Redeemer and Savior, Father and Friend. To make a little money, I work as a nurse on a Labor & Delivery unit in Corpus Christi, TX. I have lived in Rockport for a year and some months, but I will always consider Augusta, Georgia where I was "Born & Raised."

15 Facts:
1. I'm seriously a brat about my hair. I still see my hairstylist in DFW even though I havent lived there since June 2009. My hair is no longer the color pictured above.
2. Of all the shoes I own, only a handful have heels. I wear flat shoes 99.4% of the time.
3. Dont come to my house during the day unannounced. I will most likely be in a t-shirt and underwear.
4. I just recently learned that I grind my teeth. Apparently it's a long-standing problem considering I've ground away the enamel on my back molars.
5. While we're on the subject, I hate the dentist. Maybe it was the horrendous wisdom tooth extraction a few years back leaving me with permanent paresthesia in my tongue and lower jaw.
6. I am the poster child for short-waistedness.
7. I went to a college with no real sports program, so once moving to Texas, I adopted the Longhorns as my team to root for.
8. I went to All-State as a bassoonist in high school, but I miss playing drums in the marching band more.
9. I've been to England, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Mexico and Honduras. I love to travel.
10. I worked on a telemetry unit when I got out of nursing school. 10 points to whomever knows what that means (except you Casey.).
11. I dont have kids. I dont know when I want to have kids. The End.
12. Yesterday, Mauve barfed in the car. I'm running out of factoids about myself.
13. If I wasnt a nurse, I'd want to open a bakery.
14. I basically joined Stella & Dot to get the awesome jewelry cheaper. I hope to one day earn as much as i've spent. That's going to take a while.
15. I'm not a touchy-feely person. I dont give hugs freely. This does not mean I dont like you, I'm just a little standoffish around physical contact/affection. When I voluntarily give you a hug, it's a big deal for me.

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