Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stitch Fix Number Four!

I got my Fix this month a little later than usual. Have I mentioned that their customer service is speedy and super helpful?? My fourth Stitch Fix box was scheduled to arrive the weekend Jordan and I were going to be in San Antonio, but with one easy email, they were able to push it back a week. 

My expectations weren't super high this time, after being disappointed with my last Fix, but nothing could've prepared me for the awesomeness that arrived to my doorstep! My first and second fix were pretty great too. If you're new to the Stitch Fix concept, it's pretty simple: Sign up online, fill out an extensive style profile, and schedule your Fix! Your box of goodies (Five in total! Tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories) arrives at your door step and you get 3 days to agonize over what you'll keep and what you'll return. They charge a $20 styling fee for each box, but that money is credited towards your purchase if you keep something. Even after a less-than-stellar box last month, I'm a huge fan of Stitch Fix!

Lets see what I got, shall we?

1. Corinna Striped Heathered Dolman Top. Love this top. ADORE this top. It's super light weight, a little on the long-almost-tunic side. It'll go along with nearly anything on bottom and can with either be more dressy or casual. This might be one of my favorite items ever received from Stitch Fix! Kept!!
(forgive my poor lighting. Ugh.)
Necklace: Simple Addiction
Pants: JCrew Factory
2. Henry Birds on Branch Infinity Scarf.  I really liked this scarf when I pulled it out of the box. The color is a nice minty blue-green and the pattern is really simple, which pairs well with other patterns or solids. Plus, the price point was pretty hard to beat. I may not get a lot of wear out of this while the temps are nearing 95 degrees with that terrible coastal humidity, but I can see myself putting this on plenty during the cooler fall & winter months. Kept!!
Top: JCrew Factory
Vest: The North Face
3. Logen Boyfriend Short.  I don't know how they do it at Stitch Fix, but somehow my stylist completely nailed my size once again. These shorts fit like they were made for me and the little rolled up details are a little casual, fun addition to a plain pair of jorts. There's a slight possibility that I've worn these almost every day since getting my Fix. Kept!!
Tee: JCrew Factory
Necklaces: Stella & Dot
4. Connor Racerback Mixed Striped Maxi Dress.  Strangely enough, while we were in San Antonio earlier this month, I saw a woman on the Riverwalk wearing a maxi dress. It had mixed sizes of varying stripes and I thought it was a really cute dress. Imagine my shock (and excitement) when I pulled a similar dress out of my box.... it's like they're stalking my brain. Another jersey maxi in my favorite print: stripes. Cant go wrong. Kept!!
Jacket: Gap
Bracelets: Sequin
5. Paltrow Lace Overlay Tank Top.  I'm such a sucker for lace. As soon as I saw this top in the box, I got extra giddy. It might be the one I was most exited about initially. Obviously, it was also a keeper.
Jeans: Kut from the Kloth
Earrings: Stella & Dot
So for the first time, I kept all 5 items! I loved every single piece. After having some issues last month, I wanted to make sure I was really getting a well-curated box. So, I made certain to go back and update my style profile with lots of specifics: what I absolutely didn't want, my problem areas, and any other helpful information. I also updated my Pinterest with plenty of desired outfits as well as why each outfit tickled my fancy. It apparently worked really well, because each item was a huge success. It also helped that I was reunited with my former stylist, Sarah.

In addition to this, the box easily fit into my budget! I've heard many people asking about the affordability, and whether or not it's something "doable" or more of a luxury. I was excited when I did some calculating and realized that after my $20 credit and an extra 25% off for keeping all 5 items, that each item ended up being a little over $30/piece! Would you think I was redundant if I told you how much I loved this Fix?

If you're ever interested in checking out Stitch Fix for yourself, you can use my referral link here.

Friday, June 20, 2014


So while I've been off working hard and vacationing hard, the blog has been a little neglected. It's just been a busy few weeks around our little house. Summer is here and it's easily the most packed time of our entire year. In the last few weeks we've celebrated my birthday, Jordan's birthday, my sister's birthday, Father's day... we've gone to the pool almost daily, to the park, to the beach, to the store... we've played in the back yard, in the front yard, with the water hose, with some little friends. Basically, every minute has been consumed with things. Thankfully, they've mostly been fun, memory-making things.

On the flip side, the blog has fallen to the lowest rung of my priority list. (obviously.) Nap times -when I previously got most of my blogging accomplished- are now useful for cleaning up the house, prepping dinner, folding laundry, or simply zoning out on the couch, just getting my own much needed rest. I'm already checking the current time, estimating the amount of nap I have left and panicking a little on the inside because I'm wasting my productive time blogging rambling about how busy we've been recently!

I am particularly thankful that Jordan and I got to carve out a weekend together -  it was SO needed! Jordan's parents came and stayed with Isaac and Mauve while we spent a long weekend in San Antonio. (I'm also thankful that we were there the weekend that the Spurs were playing in Miami.) We went back to the Mokara Hotel & Spa because we just loved it so much the first time we visited, and it was just as lovely as we remembered. Jordan and I slept until we woke up each morning, laid around the pool, walked the river, ate until we were uncomfortably stuffed, went to a movie, shopped all day, and just enjoyed spending time together. Once again, we were slugs with no real agenda. Honestly, I wanted to stay just one more day. But Isaac was so happy to see both of us again and spent the next 48 hours clinging to one or both of us. It was a sweet little reunion after being apart for 3 days.
Rooftop Pool. New book in hand. Lazy status achieved. #obligatoryfootpic
A funny thing happened while we were in San Antonio... every single day, we were repeatedly hit up by groups looking to book timeshare previews. I never really thought of San Antonio as being such a mecca for timeshares, but apparently, it was a big deal. We were promised all sorts of goodies... free meals, free drinks, free riverboat rides, free carriage rides, money, vacations, and the list goes on and on. I was never a fan of this. Give up 2 hours of my hard-earned vacation? To be pressured into buying a timeshare? Oh NO. Jordan on the other hand was enchanted by the very first person who approached us. So, being the incredibly awesome wife that I am, I agreed to play along on the last morning we were there. The agency assured us we'd be back to our hotel by checkout, and really, we probably would have just lazed around the room for a few hours anyway. So off we go to hear of incredible deals and how to save thousands of dollars on your vacations!!! It was too good to be true (and it was. The prices... eek!).

We walked away with a couple of great perks and I came to an interesting realization in the process. See, over and over again, we were bombarded with this emotionally pulling idea of "making time for your family" and "creating lasting memories with your children" and "rekindling the spark with your spouse," all while on a vacation.

And I couldn't help but think how sad it would be for me to have to go on a vacation to make memories with Isaac.

Or to have a romantic evening with my husband.

Or to put my family first.

Maybe this IS a reality for some families. Maybe that is a huge draw to spending thousands of dollars a year on vacations... for us, going on a true vacation is a luxury. And I would gladly continue to work part time and rarely go on vacations so that I can spend a majority of my days investing much more than a glitzy destination into my son. I love making memories with him on a daily basis! I love going on dates with my husband! I hope that as Isaac grows up, that he always knows how much importance we place on each other as a family every single day, not just one week out of the year.

How are YOU investing into your family each day?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Julep #5

It's time for another Julep showcase and review. This month I was particularly bummed by the color choices in each box. I think they were going for some sort of "genie in a lamp" vibe, but seriously? It's June. I want fun, bright, summery colors that I can wear on my fingers and my toes. Give me corals and pinks and glitter bombs that will look great with my non-tanned/occasionally-fake-tanned skin. Forealz.
 I opted for the Classic with a Twist box, because I either had similar colors in the other boxes, or just thought the options were ugly. It came with Bergen, a foggy, shimmery blue shade which is opaque in 2 thin coats. On the website it appears much more gray than it actually is in person. I found this disappointing, as I was really more interested in a gray-blue than a blue-gray... if that makes any sense at all. #nitpicker
The other color was Ariana, a glittery plum color. It is opaque in almost 3 coats. Seriously, the bottle looks so dark, but the polish goes on very lightly, which I actually really like. It could easily be layered over a different color polish for a little extra shimmer without impacting the overall base color. I put two good coats of this polish on for the photographs I took. I like the color, but just like Bergen, it's suited more for fall or winter nails than a fresh June manicure. Regardless, it'll get plenty of use.
Lastly, they included the Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat. Apparently, there's quite a bit of ruckus --good ruckus, not bad ruckus-- over Julep's original Oxygen nail treatment. I don't own it myself, but I've read several glowing reviews of the product and it's ability to transform a nail bed. So the folks over at Julep got together and created a similar product that can be used as a base coat (they also created a top coat version too), because you apparently aren't supposed to put polish over the Oxygen Nail Treatment. So I got the base coat. Previously, I had been using Essie 3 way glaze as my base coat, but I gave the OSBC a try this go around. I can't say that it's a miracle product yet, as I just painted my nails Tuesday evening, but I think anything can go under a coat of Seche Vite and be pretty fabulous. That stuff is incredible.

As always, if you'd like to give Julep a try, I'd get some fancy referral points if you use my linky here. Use code FREEBOX for your first box for free.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

On the edge of a decade

Tomorrow, I'll be 30.


A whole new decade's worth of years. I'll no longer be a carefree twenty-something. Instead, I'll need to put my big girl pants on and become a real adult. Since I'm thirty and all.

I had a great 20-29 years of life. Lets see, I graduated from college at 21, got married and moved to Fort Worth at 22, got my PHT (Puttin' Hubby Through seminary!) at 24, moved to Rockport and bought my first home at 25, and had my little munchkin at 28. If I had the time to sit for a few more moments, I'd probably be able to list hundreds of other awesomely wonderful things about my 20s.

Basically, I've been so blessed. There just isn't any other explanation, but that God has provided me and my family with love and grace over and over, year after year. I am so thankful.

And I'm anxious to dive into a new decade-- excitedly anxious, not nervous anxious. Age is just a number, even though I am much more cognizant of wearing eye cream every day (as opposed to a few years ago). I'm looking forward to new adventures, spending quality, memory-building time with my family, learning more and more about the God who sustains me, and just enjoying life.

And writing more blogs of course.
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