Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Travel time

Well, we successfully made it here to Augusta- prop plane and all. More than likely the updates will be few and far between throughout the week, but no worries-- plenty of pictures to come!!!

Current song stuck in my head: The theme from Andy Griffin (you know, the whistling guy died yesterday.)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I think this is going to be another post that some people probably shouldn't read. 

Apparently my overly large, overly selfish mouth has spouted off a little too much. My mother, in my defense went to my father in an attempt to gain a little financial reprieve for all the wedding expenses. I told her it wasn't his fault that we were spending this money, but she insisted that he was paying for Casey's dress, so the least he could do was pay for my dress as well. This request for cash was the catalyst for another ugly argument that has now resulted in a lot of hatred and hurt feelings. Apparently, my dad "called" Jennifer (this is all straight from my mom, which may or may not be entirely what happened. i dont know.) and Jennifer "said" that she never wanted to invite my mom to the wedding in the first place. Which, of course, my dad then informed my mom that she wasn't welcome and that "everyone was wondering why she was coming." I'm sure something was said to Jennifer as well about Jordan and I feeling burdened by all the expenses. So now I'm sure that Jennifer is well aware of what I think about this whole deal. And now my mother is no longer going to the wedding at all, because she believes she is no longer wanted. Apparently my dad accused her of never loving Jennifer (a little background: Jenn is my half-sister, from my dad's first marriage), and never treating her like a daugher anyway, so why should she even dare to attend the wedding of someone she never cared for. I hate this. I just cant stand this name calling and I guess I'll never understand how 2 people who loved each other for 26 years can now be so hateful towards each other now. What can be worse?? Apparently awkward-Diane was in the next room during the entire argument. 

These are the days where I could stay in Texas every day for the rest of my life and be perfectly fine. In my mom's defense, she has gotten better about venting everything she hates about my dad to me. But that doesn't mean I don't still hear things from her, just not as much anymore. And of course, my relationship with my father is nowhere near functional, so I don't ever hear his defense, or his side of the story. It's just such an awkward, strange, frustrating, cyclic place to be. I hate this, I just hate this. I don't ever see an end to the fighting and the hatred. I don't ever see the end to this awkward in-the-middle feeling. I don't ever see my parents really being happy with someone else; I mean, How can I? 

My poor husband. He's got a lifetime of dysfunctional family influence ahead. 

And he's mad at me. I got my hair done today. I told him that I was going someplace else, someplace besides Moda to have my hair done, so that I would save a little $$. Well the place I went today ended up being almost equally expensive and so he's not exactly happy. I do like my hair though (to put a positive spin on things...)

I am really not looking forward to going home next week. 

Current song stuck in my head: watching Grey's... how can I really concentrate on anything else???

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


You know that feeling you get when you've completed something you've been putting off for so long? That dirty job or that tedious task? Well I've finally broken down and...... organized my scrapbooking stuff. Not a small feat, I would say. But now all the solid papers, patterned papers, card stocks, paper packs, rubber stamps, clear stamps, ribbons, buttons, brads, eyelets, chalk stampers, cat-eye stampers, plain stampers, gemstones, plain stickers, clear stickers, 3-d stickers, rub-ons, scissors, cricut tools, cutting blades, corner-adorners, glue-thingies, books, cricut cartridges, cuttlebug, die-cutters, embossing folders, staples, glitter pens, photo pens, markers, paintbrushes, envelopes, a fastenater and a crop-a-dile are all in their rightful place. I picked up this fantastic 3 drawer plastic cabinet from the trash dump outside our apartment. Now, before you go thinking I'm some sort of dump-diver, I do not go fishing around in our trash bins for goodies. It's just something students do around here; when you're no longer in need of something, you place it out by the dumpster and it's fair game to anyone who walks by. We have friends who got a loveseat, and we've even put some of our mildly-used goods "out to pasture."  Some (poor) soul got Murray, our former vacuum cleaner. It was a hand-me down from the Kertschers, and when it turned on it smelled like a mixture of Murray, their dog for which the cleaner was named, and coffee, because one day I spilled a ton of ground coffee on the floor in the kitchen.  Thankfully we've upgraded to a Dyson, although Murray served us (and someone else, apparently!) very well. 

I really really want mexican food tonight. 

Got a clean bill of health from the dentist today *woohoo!* I'm somewhat surprised, considering I havent been since we were married. Gross, I know, and we've even had dental insurance the entire time, I just dont hold the dentist as a top priority on my things-to-do list. Anyway, got a good cleaning and a scolding for not having my wisdom teeth pulled yet, and got sent packing. Yay for no cavities!!! 

If anyone has been to San Diego, CA please let me know. Jordan and I are planning a trip there this summer and I'm just bamboozled by where to stay and what to do. We've got to book our plane tickets and hotel soon, while there's still something reasonably available. I'm really looking forward to finally having a relaxing vacation with my husband; something we haven't done since Hawaii. I dont consider flying to see family or spending the weekend out of town with friends or flying to a wedding a vacation, although we've done a lot of all of that these past 2 years. Finally, just me and Jordan doing whatever we want for a few days in sunny California- a place neither of us have been before! :) Too bad I've got 2 months worth of work and routine standing in the way (hopefully it will go by quickly!)

Current song stuck in my head: Mushaboom by Feist

Monday, May 19, 2008

Once Again

I had mixed feelings this week about my on-call shift. Half of me wanted the day off, and half of me wanted the $money$. Wanting the day off is kind of selfish, considering I had the past 2 days off and the next 3 off as well. Plus, after I work this weekend, I wont be back until June 5. That's like 11 days off I think. I dont think I've had that much time off since I started @ Baylor. It'll be time well-spent. Anyway- about the on-call thing... havent gotten a call yet. I know who's in charge today and I have a pretty good feeling that I wont be  called in at all. 

Saw Prince Caspian on Saturday- really enjoyed it. Also, we watched Untraceable last night, which exceeded my expectations. The ending, however was awfully abrupt. 

Current song stuck in my head: Mushaboom by Feist

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lady Bits.

Ok, the L&D nurse in me is about to come out-- so forgive any rude or crass comments I may make here shortly... 

But Oh my goodness- Does anyone own a bar of soap these days?!?!! I'm sorry- when you're pregnant, just because you cant see your lady bits, doesn't mean they don't exist!!!! I understand that things aren't so easily reached when week # 40 comes rollin around, but my goodness, it's not impossible! I mean, hello?!? Does the idea that you're gonna have like 8 people up in your junk for several hours conjure up any thoughts of hygiene? Because it should. 

There are so many other things that come to mind regarding this subject that are entirely too disgusting to have stored somewhere with my name attached. What a far cry this is compared to recent posts about my OB fun.

Triage is the art of knowing what STD your patient has by the smell that permeates the room when she enters. 

Current song stuck in my head: dialogue from Lost (Jordan's watching it in the next room.)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A light @ the end of the tunnel??

I'd like to say that things got much better shortly following my last post, but that would be a lie. We did end up going to the ER on Monday night after Jordan continued to be sick all day Monday despite having new medicines called in for us by his doc. We made the trip up to Baylor at 11pm and finally got in a room @ about 3 Tuesday morning.  (yup, 4 hours in the waiting room, running back & forth to the bathroom) He was so dehydrated, the phlebotomist joked around, saying his blood looked like motor oil. After he would throw up, his face would be gray and his lips would be blue, it was just bad all over. He ended up getting an IV and 2 bags of fluids. They had to stick him twice for the IV, which I thought was pretty great considering how dehydrated he was and he doesn't have easy veins to start with. We tried another new medicine and some IV pain and nausea meds, which seemed to be a good combination. Jordan got a couple of naps in while on the stretcher waiting to see his lab results. He felt a lot better after being hydrated a little (his cheeks were pink!), although I think he could have probably used a 3rd bag. But that's  just my opinion. They ended up drawing a hepatitis panel because J's liver enzymes were "elevated" on his comp. I dont know how elevated "elevated" is, I mean, I guess not crazy high, because they ended up letting us go home around 8am tuesday morning. We're supposed to see his pcp on Friday to find out the results of his hepatitis labwork. I'm interested to see what comes out of that... 

Thankfully. THANKFULLY. Tuesday when we got home Jordan slept (like, really slept well) until about 2 that afternoon. Then, we slept again last night. He hasnt been sick to his stomach since the ER, and he's actually hungry and eating now. He's had some problems with nausea after he eats, but it's quelled with phenergan. He's slowly getting his energy back and is up moving around the house. Only thing we're still dealing with is a bad headache that comes and goes. It wouldnt be such a big deal, but if we're thinking he has hepatitis, we have to be careful with pain meds, especially Tylenol. So he's still uncomfortable and we're trying all sorts of non-pharmacologic remedies for headaches, with little relief. 

We've watched movie after movie after movie this weekend. 27 dresses, Hot Rod, Mad Money, PS I love you, Juno, and now we have P2 and Over Her Dead body. Our Tivo is mostly caught up, and we've seen a lot of daytime TV. I'm hoping to go back to work tomorrow- I was supposed to go today, but after what happened yesterday, I didnt want to leave him by himself for 12 hours, plus I was exhausted. We both slept pretty well last night, I didnt wake up until almost 10 this morning and I could have slept longer. Jordan was only up 1 time, and that was because of his headache, which he took something and fell back asleep. 

I finished Eli's baby announcements and dropped them off and totally forgot to take a picture of them. Whoops!!! They turned out to be really cute, lots of layered paper and ribbon and buttons and a sweet, sweet picture of Eli. They took a lot of time and a lot of implements to finish, but I think they ended up looking very cute. I've made several more cards here recently, and that wont end soon, as we have lots and lots of birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate here soon! I definitely look forward to a celebration after this dark time. 

This is the picture of Eli we used for his announcements. Isnt he sweet?!?! He's got a little dimple in his chin, just like daddy. Btw- I did not take this picture, Kelli's friend Stephanie Hamilton did! Isnt it great?? 

Current song stuck in my head: Realize by Colbie Calliat

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Utterly Exhausted.

Ok, so I've had random naps in the past 36+ hours. It's been rough- Jordan is sick, sick, sick. I dont know if I've ever seen him this ill. It's really really stressful- and I cant imagine how he feels! Poor guy!!! He's got some sort of stomach bug that's been making him sick since about this time last night. HOPEFULLY this is a 24 hour type thing and he'll start to feel better again soon. I just hate seeing him feel bad. And I hate seeing/hearing/smelling vomit. And I hate not being able to make him feel better. I just feel so powerless and it scares me when the things I know to do arent working for him. What a fantastic mother's day, huh??? I guess it's a good thing I'm not a mommy this year :)

I really pray that we can both get some rest tonight. Jordan's been sleeping for about an hour, which is a blessing. I type to try to de-stress. I'm still pretty keyed up- we came very close to climbing in the car and driving to the ER. Phenergan suppositories are a God-send. Last night I laid in bed by myself and listened to music for about 2 hours to calm down enough to get a quick nap between 4 and 8. Needless to say, we did not go to church this morning. I'm sad about this, because I had to work last weekend, plus we were supposed to bring breakfast for our sunday school class. Thankfully, our incredible Strange friends took breakfast for us-- they're so fabulous. 

On another note. (maybe typing about something else will help me de-stress even more...) I'm almost completely finished with baby announcements. I've gotten about half of them finished and the rest merely need a couple of little things done. My intentions were to finish them up today so Kelli could get them sent out shortly. They turned out pretty ok, the Macs love them, which in the end is my intention. I'll post pictures of them shortly. 

Work has been better recently (imagine that!!) Well, I should say, when I left work yesterday, I didn't want to run out screaming and never return. I feel like things run a little more smoothly every day, which doesn't mean that the days aren't still crazy crazy busy, just less uncoordinated. I am beginning to feel more comfortable, but it also seems like when I finally feel like I'm doing everything and I'm doing a great job, I find something that I did wrong or forgot or someone points out that I've neglected to do something. I believe that ONE DAY I'll have most all of it in the bag... at least the routine stuff. I understand that I'll never know it all, I'll never be truly prepared for a crashing baby or mom, the abruption, the precip. The bad thing about L&D is that when things are bad, they're devastating. But 98% of the time, I get to see beautiful healthy babies come into the world, which is absolutely incredible. I have to admit, I've fallen in love with watching the way babies move through a birth canal- it's so fascinating, the flexion and rotation and the whole 6 movements that (most) babies do. 

Well I've been typing and looking at other things and fiddling for an hour and a half now and J is still sleeping. Praise God!! 

Current Song stuck in my head: My own rhythmic, de-stress deep breathing.

Monday, May 5, 2008

An Ode to my Lovey-cakes.

I just have to take a minute to tell everyone what my incredible husband did for me this weekend. 

First off- I worked all weekend. (but I never got called in Thursday!!! Miraculous!!!) Friday 12 hours, Saturday 12 hours plus we went out to eat with friends until 11pm, and Sunday 12 more hours. So listen to this, Saturday, my incredible husband cleaned the house for me. We're not talking a little pick up / put away time. He scrubbed and mopped the kitchen floor and bathroom, cleaned the toilet, shower and sink (even dusted off the q-tip holder and cotton ball holder), vacuumed the whole place and cleaned the kitchen. And on top of that he washed and dried all the laundry AND folded AND put it away. He even had time to go get a haircut, all before I got home on Saturday night. Isnt that incredible??? 

THEN (if this wasnt good enough already!) on Sunday, he went *by himself* to a wedding shower for a new couple in our sunday school class. He also drove to Target, picked out a gift on their registry, bought it and wrapped it and took it to the shower too. I about dropped dead when he told me all of this, I was so excited!!! Isnt my husband just the greatest?!?!

Current song stuck in my head: nothing really. :)
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