Saturday, October 31, 2009

Away to me Pig (Name that movie!)

Looks like the hiney flu may not be so far from home!

Jordan came home from Dallas on Wednesday and woke up Thursday morning feeling achy & icky. After laying around for a while, he finally went out Friday night and bought a thermometer. (I have no idea where ours went... it was a cheapy old shake-down variety). He had a fever of 103! I dont know why he waited until it was too late to go to the doctor (6:30! On a weekend!!), but thankfully I was able to pull some strings with a SUPER NICE doc while I was at work and got Jordy started up on some Tamiflu.

Disclaimer!!!!: We arent 100% sure Jordan even has the flu. He's been battling some congestion since our trip to GA and this could be bronchitis. He hasnt been swabbed for the flu- we are just being proactive with the antivirals!

So in honor of my sick hubs- check out his current favorite YouTube video!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

There's a leak in my motivation tank.

Oh I had so much planned for my 2 work-free, hubby-free days.

I got up Monday and looked out the window and saw this:

So what did Mauvey & I do all day? This:

And so now it's Tuesday night, work begins again tomorrow and I have nothing to show for my days off... except maybe a butt-sized dent in the couch and an empty DVR.

Ps. Mims update coming soon- promise!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Calling all Designers!

I'm ready to tackle a few more window mis-treatments. I've loved my guest room treatments so much and they were so easy, I had no choice but to dive into another project. Jordan will be leaving Monday for a conference in Fort Worth (jealous!!!), which gives me 2 days by myself to play with Mauve (she's learning to lay down...slowly) and be crafty! I want to do my Master Bathroom window next. This may be an odd choice, but hear me out- we have no towels for this bathroom. We've been using the powder blue/khaki colored towels which belong in the guest bathroom. I dont want to buy towels & mats (hello! Slippery!) until I figure out what I want the room to look like. We dont have the ability to put up a shower curtain because our shower is a stand- up variety. That leaves the window & its curtains.

So lets review:
{The Bedroom}
{And the Bathroom}

I want the Master Suite to be cohesive, so I'm going for a yellow/neutral bathroom. I've found a few different swatches of fabric that I really like. Opinions are needed!

This is a swatch I found online at Calico Corners. It's a little pricier than I'd like, but still pretty cute. I'd want to order a piece for myself and check out what it looks like with the gray walls.

The next 3 fabrics I found at Joann. I like this because (a) they're on sale right now at Joann and (b) I have 2 Joann gift cards. I went to a salesperson to get a swatch cut of each and she so graciously cut me a 1 inch by 1 inch square. Gee thanks Joann saleslady. So I took the bolts of fabric back to the display with me and stealthily took pictures of each bolt with my iphone.

I think this guy is my favorite. The great swatch I got has a spot of black on one corner and the rest is cream colored. Makes the whole matchy matchy thing reallllly easy (not!). Gee thanks Joann Saleslady.

This one is my least favorite, but it coordinates perfectly with #4

I kind of want to use this in the bedroom, although I'd love a stripe in the bathroom too. I think it's an easy enough pattern that it wont clash with the duvet in the bedroom, but still have a little more personality than solid treatments. If I used this in the bedroom and fabric #3 in the bathroom, it'd be that coordinating tie-the-two-rooms-together thing I'm going for. Only #3 isnt my favorite.

One thing is for sure, yellow/neutral modern fabrics arent the easiest things to find. Leave a comment or some facebook message-love and give me some tips! I'm also still looking for an idea of what to hang above our bed!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Gasp and Da-rool!! (name that movie!)

There are many folks I know who would proclaim fall to be the most wonderful season of the year. I dont share this opinion, personally I think fall is overrated. I'm more of a summer girl. I've finally come to the conclusion that I like warm weather because I'm so cold-natured. Makes sense right?

Regardless of my non-sensational view of the season we currently live in, it definitely has its perks. And being that I love food and eating and all things food-related, wouldnt you know, the perks are food related. While doing a little grocery shopping at HEB last night, I ran across two of my very FAV foods- both of which are strictly seasonal.

These guys are ridiculously delicious. I'm not a tart apple kind of girl and I'm not a soft apple kind of girl and these crazy yummy apples are neither. They are perfectly sweet and crunchy and all around perfect apples. They're only around for a short while, so I can get over the ridiculously high price per pound (2.99 at HEB!... which means 3 apples were over $7!). Oh but the sweet snack is more than worth it!

Thankfully, my very favorite flavor of ice cream is usually around until after Christmas (although I look for the green half-gallon every trip to the grocery store- hoping i'll get lucky). When I saw it stocked at HEB last night (after I found the apples- it was a GREAT trip!), I came verrry close to buying multiple cartons! Jordan insisted that it would be frozer burnt before we ate it all, but I insisted that it would be gone well before that! Oh and it MUST be Blue Bell. There are other brands with peppermint ice creams and they are ok. Great peppermint ice cream can only be found under the gold rim top!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The longest blog ever.

I have a TON to blog about!

A trip to Georgia last week, a wedding, time with friends, RRR, there's just too much! Lets break it down.

1. Mauve
Mauvey got to stay at the doggie hotel (aka Lakeside Kennels) while we were in Georgia. It was the longest we've been apart since she was a little pup staying with her mama. I'm sure Jordan got tired of me talking about how I missed her and hoped she was ok. I was certain she wouldnt want to come home, but here she is! She even got all cleaned up and was wearing a halloween bandanna.
We're glad to see our cute little pup again. She finally has all her puppy shots and can roam around the park & beach. We've already gone on several walks around the neighborhood since we've been home. Only bad thing about going to the doggy hotel: she's forgotten all her tricks and manners. Ok, so her only trick was "sit." Still... I think it's time for doggy obedience training!

2. Red River Rivalry
Texas dominated again this year and defeated now hardly ranked OU. It was a nail-biter game and OU definitely brought their defensive game, and I'm totally stoked that Texas pulled it out in the end. Of course, the game & wedding were on at the same time, which made for a tricky time keeping up with the score. Thank you iPhone for ESPN scoretracker! Way to go Longhorns!!! Hook em!!!!

3. Rehearsal Dinner
The whole shebang took place @ the Partridge Inn, which was really nice. J & I's first date was at the Partridge Inn restaurant, so it made for some especially reminiscent times.

L to R: Jesse, Jordan, & Mary Elizabeth

Me & Cas

The life of the party!

Jenn & Tim

Mom & The Blind Guy (Denney)

3. Wedding
Jordan would say it was all my fault that we packed inappropriately for the weather, but I say he was just as able to check the Weather Channel/forecast. Regardless, we packed t-shirts and flip-flops and the highs were in the 50's. It was chilly. Especially since, here in Rockport, it had been in the 90's for most of October (except for a few milder days thrown in). By far, the coldest/most weather-miserable day was the wedding day. The temps were in the low 50s and it was overcast & raining off and on. The rain stopped just long enough for the outdoor/courtyard wedding to happen, but we fought hard to keep from looking frigid while standing there in our strapless tea length dresses and sandals.

Cas & Duane (indoors, where it's nice & warm!)

We dont look too cold, right?

Mom & Papa

The White Chocolate/Raspberry flavored Cake. Scrumptious!

The flowers are by Crystal Farrow- arent they totally gorgeous??? Crystal also did the flowers at my own wedding, which were also beautiful. By the way, the wedding pictures were taken by Jessica Villemain. She was a ton of fun to work with- I am super excited to see what great images she got from the day. She had tons of neat ideas and was pretty sympathetic to our shivering-dont-want-to-go-outside selves.

Me & My Momma

Denney (Blind Guy), Mom & Nana

By the way, Denney isnt really blind. "The Blind Guy" is just a nickname Jordan and I gave him when we first met him- he had come to my mom's new house to help her put up the blinds. He hung around for several hours after all the blinds were done and I knew he was more than a friendly handyman. And now they're married.

4. Friends & Family time
One day, Mary Elizabeth will hate me for taking this picture. We got to spend a good bit of time with her & Jenn (and Tim & Mitch!), which was really awesome. I love my sisters and wish I could spend so much more time with them than a few hours each time we make it into town.

We all got together after the wedding and some of us... were a little more crazy than others. Notice I'm the only one in short sleeves.

We also got a chance to spend a little bit of time with some wonderful friends. The wedding & all its festivities took up a good chunk of our visit (with good reason). It always seems that we dont have enough time to see and visit with everyone we'd like, and having even less time makes it even more stressful! I dont like spending a few minutes here and there, rushing around and becoming exhausted in the process, but it seems like no matter how long or short our visit is, we're always tired by the end! There was a lot that was still left undone when we got back on our plane for Texas on Tuesday. I wasnt super vigilant about taking pictures with all the friends & family we saw (Kertschers, Maddox's, etc), which is a bummer. These pics of us with the Pierces are totally stolen from Megan's facebook!

5. Baby Vera!

After cooking for 42 long weeks, Vera Corrine Bonser finally made her appearance last Thursday. I am so thrilled for Chris & Carey! Please pray for this new family- for health, and rest and happiness!

6. Mr. Mims

We made a short trip to Sugarland Rehabilitation Hospital between arriving in Houston and heading back to Rockport to visit with George. He's looking great! His speech has improved dramatically. He still has almost no movement/sensation in his left arm and minimal movement/sensation in his left leg. The plan is to stay at SLRH for another 2ish weeks and then he is hoping to be transferred to Mentis Neurorehabilitation Center. He would spend another 1-2 months here doing more intensive, neuro-injury related rehab. We are praying he will be home around the holidays. He still has a long recovery ahead, so please keep praying for continued healing!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Martha, eat your heart out

As I am continually doing things to make our house a home, I am confronted with a big issue. I have all these ideas in my head of what I want things to look like, but dont always have the resources to accomplish these ideas. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Corpus Christi, lets just say, it's not a shopping/decor destination. I really miss being within 10 minutes of Pottery Barn and 20 minutes of Crate & Barrel (among others). So after checking out everywhere I know for decor (specifically window treatments), I came to a startling conclusion.

I need to MAKE something.

It's the only way to get what I really want, right?

So I overcome the fear of failure, especially considering I dont own a sewing machine and cant even remember the last time I sewed on a button or fixed a hem. Heck, I dont think I've EVER done either of those things. Regardless, I make the trek to Hancock Fabrics to see if there's anything that suits my fancy.

I leave with this cute little bit of fabric- out of the clearance bin! I bought all that was left, which was almost 3.5 yards. I figured I'd screw up at least once and would need extra fabric.

Here's a little closer shot of the goods. The plan was to use this in the spare bedroom over the 2 windows that look out into the street. We used plain old boring brown panels in the apartment on only 1 window, so not only did I want something new and fresh and fancy, but I didnt have enough for 2 windows anyway!

So I turned to Thrifty Decor Chick who always insists that window treatments are eeeezay. After a few hours of cutting and ripping and ironing and re-ripping and pleading with the hubs to put up the curtain rod (I wanted the treatments up before our HS girls sleepover-- pics to come!), fabulousness was realized...

Hello delicious, gorgeous, lovely things that I made with my own two hands.

How perfect are these?!? I just love them. They were totally eeeezay (thanks TDC!) and are way more fab (and cheaper!!) than anything I could have bought in a package at a store. I am totally determined to make the rest of the curtains for our other 9 windows. But maybe not all at once.

So does everyone remember this?

Also known as "the before?"

... AKA Neon Nursery

... AKA Hello!Yellow!!

... AKA My eyeballs are burning

Well, feast your eyes on "the after..."

Doesnt this look like a place you'd like to lay down and take a nap? Or visit perhaps?? (Hint! Hint! You know who you are!!) I'm happy to know our guest room is now guest-worthy.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Where does the time go?

Can anyone believe it's already October?! Ridiculous.

Jordan made another trip to Houston yesterday to spend some time with his dad. Things are continuing to progress slowly but surely. He continues to do hours of physical and occupational therapy per day. Jordan says that with a good bit of assistance, George is standing up. His speech is clearing up- not as slurred. His therapists say because his brain is still swollen and the bleeding is still there, that he has problems focusing and staying on track. Despite this, he's making good progress. They expect him to stick around for another week or two. He is definitely ready to get out of rehab and go home- but continues to maintain a sense of humor. Jordan says he thoroughly enjoys joking around with his nurses & therapists.

And here's the most important thing!

George's 60th birthday is Wednesday (10/7!)!!!! Originally, he planned to spend his momentous birthday back in Augusta, but of course, now he'll be spending it in the hospital. Nobody likes having a birthday in the hospital!!! So, we are hoping to shower him with birthday cards and love and support. Friends & family-- this means you! If you want to send him a card (and you should!!), get in touch with either Jordan or myself.

In other news, our NEW FURNITURE IS HERE!!!!! After scouring dozens of furniture stores for just the right combination of sofa/loveseat/chair that Jordan and I both loved, we decided on a set and bought it. We waited weeks for the delivery (it was out of stock and had to be special ordered, of course...), and finally FINALLY it's here.

And I L.O.V.E. it.

Love the couch!

Love love love love love the chair!!!!

Isnt it just the most fab couch/loveseat/chair combo you've ever seen?! Our house is really becoming a one-of-a-kind, homey-home. There is still a lot to be done (hello, curtains?!), but for now I'm loving getting home at night or waking up in the morning and seeing our lovely living room. And if there's any question in your mind about how comfy it is...

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