Sunday, November 25, 2012

1 Month Old! (with an update!)

Isaac, you are one month old today! We made it!!

It's hard to believe you've been our little buddy for a month now. It feels like you've been here for about 5 minutes, which makes my momma heart sad, because in about 5 more minutes you'll be one year old! Slow it down little buddy!

You really are a good boy. You like your sleep and can sleep through almost anything! I'm really hoping this continues and isn't just a newborn phase. The last few nights, you've had some 5 hour sleep stretches, but usually only go 4 hours.  During the day you eat every 3 hours and are pretty content between feedings, with the exception of the 7pm-10pm stretch. This definitely seems to be your fussy period.

You've taken to nursing like a little champion and we haven't really had any feeding problems with one exception: you are a puker! At least once or twice a day, you'll spit up what appears to be entire feedings. Determining which feedings result in a spit up bath is like playing russian roulette, so you're always within a short distance of a towel. Theres usually always a load of towels in the wash as well. But as of your last appointment, you're gaining lots of weight and not terribly fussy, so no reflux meds for now. Just lots and lots of laundry.

In honor of your 1 month old status, we all took our first trip to church this morning! I greatly appreciate that you were quite the little trooper and didn't make a peep the entire time. You didn't spit up either! Talk about a win-win!!!

We'll see Dr. Canales on Tuesday and get your official 1 month weight and length. Two weeks ago you were 9lbs and 10oz, so I'm thinking you'll have easily surpassed the 10 pound mark. You're wearing 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers! My big boy!!

Update: You weigh 10lbs and 15oz!! You are 22.25in long! Wooowee!!

We love you so very much Isaac! You have brought such indescribable joy to my life -  never would I have imagined loving a pooping, puking, crying little ball of dark hair and chub chub so SO much. You are my little treasure.


Lindsay said...

Gosh he is so cute!! We are taking our first trip to church next week. Emma is a big spitter also. So was Hudson. You get used to it fast even though it's a pain keeping up with laundry!

Casey B said...

The first month has flown by! He is such a great baby and so adorable :) I can't wait to visit y'all again and see how he's growing and changing. I'm so happy for you and Jordan!

Kathy said...

Can't believe it's one month already. He seems like such a good baby. So happy for your little family!

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