Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Eleven Months

The final countdown has started! There's only one month left before you are ONE YEAR OLD. When did this happen? Didn't I just bring you home from the hospital? Just thinking about those early days when you were a cuddly little helpless newborn makes me nostalgic. This time a year ago, I didnt know who you were (boy? girl? Isaac? Natalie?) or what you'd be like. Here we are almost a year later and I never dreamed you'd be my sweet, funny, talkative, stubborn, wiggly, hungry little boy, but you have fit so perfectly into our little family. Your dada and I are so thankful for you, Mr. Isaac.
You're eleven months old!
For every great photo, there are about 99 outtakes. 
I'm pretty certain that this past month has been my favorite so far. You have been an absolute joy. You are definitely living up to your name. Our days are filled with squeals and laughter and you're --almost-- always in a good mood. And you are constantly chattering; your vocabulary is slowly expanding and we've heard you say Mama, Dada, Dog, Duck, Uh-oh, and Ball. You'll wakeup in the morning, immediately start talking and sometimes don't stop until you've finally passed out either for a nap or bedtime. It's funny to see your little personality come out. Surprisingly, you've had some issues with separation anxiety in the last few weeks, which is so atypical of your easy-going self. I know it's just one of those baby phases, and secretly, I really enjoy being the center of your little world.
This is what typically happens when the camera comes out. 
You're still eating everything we throw at you, which has made life so much simpler. The only things that you are not interested in eating are cheerios and puffs. I mean, what kind of kid are you? Cheerios and puffs? Aren't those kid staples? I guess in the grand scheme of things, those are an easy trade out for a kid who'll eat anything else. You've been nursing 3 times a day for a while now, and starting today, I'm subbing in a bottle of frozen milk for that middle feeding. I'm hoping to be d.o.n.e. with breastfeeding here very soon. It's been a wonderful journey over the past 11 months, but I was never interested in nursing beyond your birthday. Fingers crossed for a smooth weaning process.
You still aren't crawling or walking, but it seems so close that I wake up each morning thinking you'll just pop up and get moving. You still barrel roll to whatever you're interested in, but you also can pivot, scoot,  slide, and go from laying to sitting and sitting to laying. Locomotion is definitely happening, just not in the "traditional" hands and knees crawling to pulling up to walking. Because I'm a nervous mama, we took a trip to the chiropractor this month just to make sure you don't have any major or minor joint problems that are keeping you from moving. With some poking, prodding, and adjusting, we came to find out that you are 100% A-OK. I was relieved to hear this, but of course am still worried about your lack of interest in doing anything other than rolling. I guess you really will get up and move when you're ready.
You're fitting into 12-18 month clothes and are between sizes 3 and 4 in diapers. You've been wearing 4's to bed, but as soon as the current box of 3's is gone, it's 4's all the way. I'm not sure where you are on height/weight this month, but we'll see Dr. Canales next month and get all your stats then. Hopefully you won't see her before then! You're still napping twice per day (but some days are more successful than others) and sleeping 7pm-ish to around 7am-ish.

My little Isaac, I adore you. You are the coolest kid I know and I am so thankful to be your mama. Each day I pray that I can be the mama you need and that you'll grow up to be a great man of God. It feels like we are on the edge of a new chapter and I'm so excited to see you grow and change.


Amanda McD said...

Those arms rolls! I could just eat him up!

Becky said...

He has the sweetest smile! I love the ones with his legs up haha.

Angie said...

I have 3 kids and they all crawled and walked at different times. My first was super early but my 2nd was much slower. Like you, I contacted a doctor and everything I was just so concerned he wasn't ever going to do it. My 3rd was even later than my 2nd but by Baby Number 3 you just learn they do everything on their own time. He will do it Momma and when he starts there will be no slowing him down!

He's such a handsome fella!

Allison said...

I love him so much! It's so hard to believe that he's been around for almost a year! We definitely need a visit soon with our Mims family friends!

Jessica AKA ThatTechChick said...

so close to a year old. he is a cutie!

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