Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ian's 1 Month Update

Ian!!! You're 1 month old!!!!

For those of you sticklers for dates and things, ok, so technically he was a month old on Saturday. But we had a busy weekend and didn't get his 1 month stats until his appointment yesterday, so today's the day for blogging.

Regardless, you're a month old! I'll never get over how quickly the time flies, which is funny considering you go from spending 1/3 of your day sleeping (which sleeping 8 hours doesn't seem to take nearly as long as say, working 8 hours. amiright?) before baby to oh, maybe 1/8 of your day sleeping after baby arrives. It's a funny thing.

You've changed SO much in this short month!

You went from this little nugget:

Less than 24 hours old
...To this little stud:

1 Month Old
It has been so much fun to learn your little personality over the last month. So far, you are vastly different from your big brother. You almost demand being cuddled, which for the most part has made me all warm & fuzzy inside. You're just as squirmy as you were when I was pregnant, and thus, do not like being swaddled. You'll grunt and squirm and fuss until you finally give up and fall asleep. I'd consider not swaddling you at all, but it does help you sleep better. You are the LOUDEST sleeper I know. There are no cute and sweet noises coming from your body when it's time to rest... it's nothing but grunts and squeaks and all sorts of spits and sputters. It is loud enough to really throw me off when I'm trying to determine at 2am if you're actually hungry or just fussy while transitioning to a different sleep cycle. There have been more than a few instances where I've gotten up, changed your diaper, gone to nurse you and had a sleepy baby who wasn't actually hungry to start with.

But lets face it, you also have been eating around the clock. You get hungry a lot faster than I'm used to, so we still haven't established any normal semblance of a feeding schedule. I'd swear you went through a month long growth spurt...

...and judging by your stats at the doctor yesterday, I'd be dead right!!!!! You weighed in at a whopping TEN POUNDS and FIFTEEN OUNCES. Plus, you grew 2 whole inches (20" to 22"). That's ridiculous, kid. We're talking a 3lb 11oz weight gain in a month. To really put things into perspective, that is exactly what Isaac weighed at his 1 month check up, and let's not forget, he weighed 9lb 6oz at birth (over 2lbs heavier than your 7lb 4oz arrival weight). So good job in catching up with your brother.

Now it's time to give mommy a break. kthanks.

You've done a great job so far in keeping your meals down and rarely spit up. When you do, it's hardly a mouthful of curdled milk, which is a stark contrast to Isaac's large volume spit ups. No wonder you've gained so much so quickly. Your hair has already started to fall out in random places, which is sad and funny looking all at the same time. Your eyes are dark blue currently and I don't anticipate them changing to any other color considering everyone else in the family has blue eyes.

The rest of life has been filled with all the normal 1 month old baby activities: pooping & peeing everywhere, sleeping, eating, and some lengthening awake periods. Hopefully by your 2 month update, I'll be sharing with everyone your purposeful smiles and longer night sleeps. Fingers crossed for the sleep especially.

Ian, you are a sweet and cuddly ball of chub and you melt my heart over and over again. I am so ridiculously head over feet in love with you and am blessed beyond words to be your momma. I cannot wait to see you learn to love your older brother, as he is quickly learning to love you. I look forward to seeing more and more the way you were perfectly made to fit into this family. Furthermore, I look forward to seeing more and more the way you were perfectly made to accomplish great things for God's kingdom. You are such a treasure, Ian Michael.

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