Sunday, August 23, 2015

7 Months Old!

Ian, you're 7 months old! What a month you've had!! Seven months ago, you were a brand-new squishy, cuddly, sleep-all-day baby... and now you're a happy, wiggly, babbling little guy, who also still happens to be squishy and cuddly.
This past month was a big one for you. We took our first road trip as a family of 4 to Augusta, which I should blog an entirely separate post for. It was a beast of a drive (It's about 16 hours from Rockport to Evans), but the time with family was really nice. Be on the lookout for more details and pics from our trip. 
The Rolls! They kill me!
As you become more and more aware of the world around you, I can tell you are desperate to move and explore. You're doing a great job sitting and can get yourself onto your hands and knees, but we haven't seen you move forward quite yet. Even though I'm wishing you'd take your sweet time figuring out how to crawl, I would bet that you're mobile by our next monthly update.

I'm happy to say that your demeanor continues to be happy and content. Also, you are a pretty self-sufficient sleeper. There are days and moments where you fuss and fight, but I'd say overall, you're about the easiest kid I know. I'm not sure how I got so lucky as to have not one but TWO easy babies. I'm certain a third would be the end of that streak. (that is NOT a pregnancy announcement.)

mmmmmmmm. Spinach.

You really got into solid foods this month, and just like your brother, you are a very happy eater. There's nothing I've offered that you haven't eaten! I've made most of your food, which is what seems most convenient for our family. So far you've had sweet potato, spinach, peas, carrots, squash, black beans, banana, applesauce, prunes, and a few random assorted fruit/veggie pouches during our time away from home. I'm also doing a few self-fed foods here and there: green beans, cantaloupe, corn on the cob, and watermelon. I'm pretty sure Grammy snuck in some macaroni and cheese one day. Ha!
Little thumb sucker.
Since you're now eating food like a big boy, I guess you decided that you needed the teeth to go along with it and cut THREE more teeth this month (2 in one day and the third a few days later)-- all on the top. This takes your total tooth count up to 5; three on top and two on the bottom. Breastfeeding just got a lot more scary. And as evidenced by the photo above, you haven't given up on the thumb sucking. I'm sure your ability to self-soothe has a lot to do with your easy sleep times, and you just look heartbreakingly sweet when you're sucking your thumb and laying in the crook of my neck. Sigh.
You were extra late getting in for you 6 month check up, so even though it looks like you've now outgrown your brother's 6 month stats, you were really almost 7 months when you were weighed and measured. You're now TWENTY pounds, 4 ounces and 27" long. I was pretty sure you were hovering around the 18lb mark, so boy was I surprised when you tipped the scales and kept on going. You're wearing 9-12 month sizes, with a few 6-12 month items thrown in. You wear a size 3 diaper and mostly go barefoot or with socks, so I'm not sure if you're even in a shoe size yet. Your hair is still sparse but light and your eyes are shockingly blue. I think you're probably the cutest baby ever.
Ian Michael, you are such a gift. Mom and Dad love you so very much and pray that you will grow in wisdom and grace. Our lives are richer because you're here and I'm so incredibly thankful to be your momma.

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