Saturday, August 16, 2008


Life has been moving at a pretty fast pace recently. Not hectic, just fast.

The baby announcements mentioned earlier have been in the works since we've been home from Houston. They're probably one of my favorite creations yet.

I had to jump into gear and crank these guys out when I found out while in Houston that my sweet pregnant coworker was surprisingly no longer pregnant! Big big congratulations to Ashley & Josh on the arrival of sweet little Gabe. The announcements are so close to done I can hardly wait- the only thing left is to get a pic of the cute guy pasted on, addressed and mailed out. I look forward to meeting baby Gabe soon and surprising mommy with her cute announcements!!!

I feel like I've spent a LOT of money lately. My spending habits seem to follow a circuit; I'll go a while without buying much of anything, get in a shopping mood, buy to my heart's content, get freaked out by the amount of money I'm burning and shut down my spending to a bare minimum. I spent a lot @ Archivers... some of which went into Ashley's announcements, some went towards our Christmas cards, and a big chunk was just my splurging. There just aren't ANY good scrapbook stores around here since Recollections closed down. Also, i've bought some pretty scandalous items here recently- I've been asked by my husband to keep quiet on this, although it seems like I cant hardly keep from showing the stuff off to everyone I come in contact with. And few new tops, a little here, a little there... you get the point.

Some of the old apartment has changed a bit. I've decided to move some furniture around in hopes of putting maybe another desk in the 2nd bedroom. I may rather update the desk we have before adding a new one in, however. It would be nice to have a scrapbook area... someplace besides the middle of the floor or coffee table. 

This week starts the last year here @ seminary. Pretty hard to believe we're almost done. Given that Jordan passes all of his classes between here and May (including Hebrew- yuck!), he'll be walking across the stage and receiving his diploma at the end of the spring semester. It's gone by so fast. I cant get all nostalgic now... we still have a year. 

Jordan and I are 1/3 of a 3 couple accountability group, formed from within our Sunday School class. We've met 3 times so far and it's been such an encouragement for me. Jordan and I were both leery of the idea of forming groups for the purpose of accountability; I mean, I need to be comfortable around the people that are holding me accountable... and picking names "out of a hat" doesn't always equal comfort zone. Through a fortunate turn of events, Curtis & Catherine became 1/3 of the group, and the last 1/3 are Jeremy and Michele Whitten. We weren't really familiar with the Whittens, but in the past 6 weeks that we've been meeting, we've gotten closer and have opened up to each other more and more with each meeting. I really look forward to our dinners and even more so to our conversations. I feel like I have so much to learn from both of these girls, and it's always such a pleasure to sit around the table and talk about our experiences. My personal goal at the end of all this (if it does end, as the "plan" was from the beginning) to have a lifelong relationship with both couples. C&C will be lifelong regardless, but this time together has really deepened our relationship with Christ, where previously we were not quick to discuss what God was doing in our lives. I hope the same for our relationship with Jeremy & Michele; that one day, years from now I can still pick up the phone, call Michele and talk about what God is doing in our lives. I love our Sunday school. It's going to be so difficult to leave there for another church..... there I go getting all nostalgic again.

Current song stuck in my head: The Olympic music!!! Who ISNT watching Michael Phelps?!

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