Thursday, August 28, 2008


Today was one of those good days. 

Good and long and tiring.

I had the most fun, wonderful patients today- the kind that make me love my job more than anything. Sharing joyful tears with new families is just a wonderful thing. Because of laws that prohibit revealing patient information, I cant really say anything else about them, but they made my day. Super sweet, funny, married, appreciative, excited, and completely & totally IN LOVE with each other and their baby. It was such a blessing to be apart of their delivery experience. They were even so good as to bring plug-in air fresheners and a stereo with soft music. Some smart nurse-friend of theirs must have tipped them off...... I told the patient I was just glad to hear Norah Jones and NOT Jerry Springer, and also glad to smell fresh lavender and NOT hoo-hah (or "cooter juice" as my patient put it. crude and hilarious.), as both of these evils are somehow always hanging around in my patient's rooms. Darn daytime television.

So after a long day of laboring, I needed to go to a staff meeting, which didnt end until 8:40.... a full hour & a half after I usually leave- which is significant when you've already been @ work 12.5 hours. and you worked yesterday. And you'll work tomorrow. and Saturday. I just finished off my second serving of ice cream. The only other thing I've "eaten" today is a slim-fast. Nursing is not good for my waistline.

Speaking of my waistline- our WiiFit is pretty awesome. Although, according to it, I have gained 2.8 pounds since my last weigh in. grrrrr. Must be the repeated servings of ice cream. I dont see myself working out tonight; in fact, I dont see myself doing much more of anything besides getting in bed.

Current song stuck in my head: nothing, really.


Shannon said... are something else. I love to hear you talk about your job and I can't imagine how wonderful it can be. I LOVE that you just put whatever is on your mind out there for us to read! Thanks for keeping it real! P.S. I'm glad I had a c-section, I never thought about different body smells.... lol I'm sure you have some c-section stories as well. Mine was a pleasant experience and if we are blessed with another child, I'll do it again!

Melissa said...

hahahaha. i'm cracking up! Cooter juice is priceless! And I agree! I brought febreeze as well!!!

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