Sunday, November 30, 2008


Is there anything more delicious than an indulgent pedicure???

My poor little feetsies have taken running hard. It's been months already since I've gotten a pedicure and the combination of time and the wear & tear of running has made my feet look a little... rough. I think Michele described it best when she said, "It's been so long since I've had a pedicure and my toenails are so long I think I could climb a tree with my toes!" I dont know about her feet, but mine were certainly tree-worthy!!! But now they're beautiful and well manicured in a pretty burgundy/purple shade. No more trees for these toes. I'd probably better take the night off from running too! I'll make sure to hit the trails hard tomorrow to make up for today.

Jordan's already gotten his christmas present- to the tune of a Taurus 9mm handgun and a new North Face jacket. Lucky guy! I have to wait like the rest of America until Christmas morning (the only time for opening christmas gifts-- for those of you Christmas Eve'rs) to see what special things I'm getting. I've extended my list to include an iphone, a cute pink North Face jacket (that I saw when Jordan got his!), a new lens for my camera, and a pair of True Religion jeans. That's not asking much, right??? haha :) 

I am throughly peeved @ the BCS right now-- as Oklahoma got the Big 12 championship bid and Texas gets a lowly bowl game. Boo. Didnt we beat OU? Mizzou got the other bid from the Big 12 north... and if I remember correctly, we beat them too. That one pesky loss by one late touchdown by those jokers @ Texas Tech has ruined our hopes of any postseason glory. We had a great year, however and I hope next season is equally exciting- Colt McCoy will be a senior, which should make for some gooooood football. I cut my teeth on college footbal, can you tell?

Current song: Listening to the bubbly goodness of homemade spaghetti simmering away-- made up by my husband, which makes it all the more delicious!

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