Saturday, November 15, 2008

Running Update

I'm pretty stoked about the progress I've made over the past 2 months. It surprises me how quickly my body changed and adapted to running- even when I've never been a runner before. I'm easily doing 3-4 miles now- they're slow miles, and they're not pretty, but they happen. With winter quickly approaching (((for those of you northerners-- Texas doesn't really get cold until late Nov/Dec. The day before yesterday, the weather was in the 70's. It's a similar winter to those we had in Georgia. It doesn't really get cold and stay cold everyday until January & February. For those of you who dont know me well, I hate cold weather. Hate it.))), I'm forced to start running more indoors on a treadmill. This may be almost worse than running in cold weather- treadmills are so boring. Sometimes I find I dont run as well on a treadmill, and I think it's purely a mind thing- watching the clock the entire time, waiting to finish another mile and not just running until I'm tired. 

So what's my other downfall recently, besides a lot of traveling around??? My knee. It worries me. In fact, I've already told Jordan that if I need knee surgery, I want an epidural with a PCEA instead of general anesthesia. :) I'm sure this is just my hypochondriac side coming out, and my knee pain is purely an issue of poor fitting, well worn shoes. I'm thinking either today or tomorrow, I'll make a trip to Luke's and get fitted for a good pair of running shoes. If this doesnt help my knee pain, I don't know what will. I'm stretching well before & after, I'm doing some strength training to build up the muscles in my legs... We'll just have to keep going and see what happens! 

Something I'm really excited about-- is finding a running partner! I've been running all by myself, which is fine sometimes, but I think having someone to encourage me while running will improve my final outcome. My mama has told me numerous times that if I dont have a running partner, I'll need a superhuman amount of discipline to get through the 8-9 mile mark. It's amazing how people come out of the woodwork when you take on a new hobby who also participate in that same hobby (or claim to.) Like, when I bought my Nikon, all of a sudden, half our sunday school class was starting a photography business, 5 or 6 girls I work with do photography as a side business, and several other friends are dabbling in photography. Same with scrapbooking, and card making.... I guess it's just because I'm suddenly acutely aware (when I take on a new hobby) of people who share the same hobby. Kinda like when you buy a new car and then all you see are people who drive the same car as you.

Oh, and finally...
Go Longhorns!!!!

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