Saturday, January 15, 2011

Welcome back

Hello Nerd-dom. I cant say that I've missed you.

According to my dentist, I grind my teeth so terribly bad that I no longer have enamel on my molars, thus, the explanation for the neverending dental problems. And so, I now am the proud owner of an occlusal guard. As in drool-all-over-my-pillow, look-like-a-total-dork mouthpiece.

It really takes me back to the 3rd grade and my full-on orthodontia: headgear and a mouthpiece. (this was post braces, which happened in 2nd grade.)

The only thing that was worse than having braces, headgear and a mouthpiece was the way my teeth looked prior to any orthodontia.

So in the spirit of nostalgia, I want to share with you some of my favorite silly childhood memories. These are from the days where I was old enough to have independent thoughts, but now I look back and say, "what was I thinking?!"

- I vividly remember the day I hit my sister with a broom (I was probably 5, she was 1 or 2) and then vehemently denied it. Unfortunately, I was standing between the broom and my sister and her red, broom-sized lump. Sorry for that one Casey.

-I remember the great flood of 1990 in Augusta. We apparently got about 15 inches of rain and the water had risen up to the step on our back porch. I poured my entire bottle of Tinkerbell perfume into the water. Dont really know why.

-I remember going to Child's World (daycare). It was the first place I saw a little boy's ding-a-ling in the bathroom. Yikes.

-I remember telling the lunch ladies at Augusta Christian that I'd paid for ice cream and I really hadnt. I felt so guilty for lying that I couldnt even eat the ice cream and threw it in the trash. They figured it out and I got in trouble. I lost my Blockbuster privileges for a month.

-I remember sitting across from a snooty girl in kindergarten who had really cute animal erasers but she didnt like me, so she NEVER let me play with them(or even touch them!). So when she was absent one day, I took it upon myself to play with them. Ms. Gentry figured it out and I got in trouble.

-Also in kindergarten, my mom would always send this trail mix type stuff with raisins and dried fruit and I didnt like it at all. Instead of eating it or throwing it away, I'd stash it in my pencil box. By the end of the year, my pencil box reeked.

I can still remember the trail mix smell.


Jamie said...

I'm feeling convicted to go back to the Great memories!!

Shannon said...

Girl, you are too funny! I'm so glad you and your funny stories are back! It's amazing to look back at our past to see all the silly/dumb/stupid things we did. I wonder what we'll think in 15 years about what we are doing now? hhhmmmm

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