Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Running through 2011

Despite my lackluster finish at the Rock N Roll San Antonio Half Marathon, I have convinced myself (with a little help from my friends) to continue pushing myself and keep on racing.

Purple toenails and all.

Running is such a mind game and while I'm always thrilled with myself to finish a run successfully, getting out of the house is a battle. I often come up with any excuse to sit at home. I'll talk myself out of distance halfway through my runs. It's literally all in my head. My greatest motivation is having a goal ahead of me to work toward. So I'm working my way back up to another half-marathon with a 10k race thrown in the mix. My big race?...

Once again, I'd love to finish a 2:30 half marathon. I didnt meet this goal @ San Antonio and was disappointed in my time. Because of some personal issues that I had to face that same exact weekend, I just have a black cloud mentality surrounding the entire experience. I'm determined to change my mindset, so there really is a lot more riding on my next race than just running and finishing.

I've got 64 days until race day (April 16) and a lot of work to do!


Jamie said...

It's awesome that you're so disciplined and determined! I can't force myself to make the time. I hope everything goes great and you will have great memories to replace the others with! Best of Luck!

Carey said...

Good for you!!

Aaron M. said...

We can't wait to see ya'll!!

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