Thursday, September 15, 2011


The last few days I've worked have been littered with weirdness. It was a full moon and though it's cliche'd, I am going to blame some of the ridiculousness on that.

For example:

-For the first time ever, I was fired from patient care by a family member. Literally, "Please get out of my daughter's room. You have an attitude problem and you need to go sleep it off." Ive never been fired before, but the entire family (patient included) was a whack-job, so I was pleased to give up the assignment. I felt a little vindicated when the patient's doctor went in the room and gave her a little attitude adjustment.

-I did my first contraction stress test where the contractions were induced by nipple stimulation. Imagine my embarrassment trying to explain the plan of care to my patient.... Tweak for 2 minutes, off for 5. Awkward!

-I had a patient freak out after coming to the conclusion that her husband was cheating on her. After talking to her and calming the meltdown, I found out that not only was SHE the one doing the cheating, but her husband was also in the dark about a previous pregnancy. Wait - What?!?

I think anyone in healthcare would agree that somedays you have fun and normal patients and some days you get the strangest people e.v.e.r.


Jamie said...

Okay, kinda confused....contractions induced by nipple stimulation??? oh the things I have to

terri said...

Hollie, sounds like an episode of Grey's Anatomy!


I had to have a patient do the Nipple stim test in nursing school in Canada when I was a child of 19. It was wierd for me too

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