Sunday, November 27, 2011

L&D funnies

Recent funny moments from the labor unit:

-A baby named Twister

-A sister and brother (not twins!) named Una and Dos

-It's common practice to ask all of our age-appropriate patients whether they plan to tie their tubes after delivery. One of my fellow nurses said her conversation played out a little something like this:
RN: Are you planning on getting your tubes tied?
Patient: Nope
Patient's husband: Hey! Got any idea where I can go to get neutered?


I hope all my lovely readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Jordan and I certainly did, as we spent the day with family and celebrated the first birthday of my cutie little Nephew, Jackson. We ate until we had to unbutton our pants, which has to be the measure of a meal's success. Now the true Christmas season can start! We are working on getting our tree up and house decorated. Lets all remember that Christmas is NOT about Santa or giving gifts or even White fudge covered Oreos. (swoon) Our true celebration is centered around the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer! O Come O Come Emmanuel!


Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

I seriously wonder what goes through some people's heads.
Just wow! Lol.
You crack me up.
My mom grew up with a kid named Donald Duck. Why would his parents do that to him? Teachers on the first day of school would think he was being a jokester. Another friend of hers was Rose Bush. Aye, aye, aye.

And AMEN to the "not about Santa"! Having three young kids in school, it's so important to me that we emphasize Jesus (not just the baby...He did grow up!) at home.

Merry Christmas. Is it too early to say that? Haha.

tracy said...

so is it wrong to love the white fudge covered oreos? I'm on my second box! :)

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