Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Away Message

A trip to Augusta tomorrow means a short little blog break. I've already noticed that I've only blogged a random few times about a random few things this month. Lame, I know. I can't imagine that anyone would actually enjoy reading about my mostly boring days. Lets see, today I cleaned the house (a MUST before any trip out of town... hate coming home to a dirty house. HATE it.), did a few loads of laundry (again, for our trip.), took princess Mauve to her favorite place in the whole wide world, Lakeside Kennels (again.... trip.), ran a grueling 4 miles, showered (you're welcome), went to church, played Lego Harry Potter on the playstation (pretty sure this one validates my absolute lame-ness) and packed a suitcase.

Fascinating, right?

Here's a little tidbit that might pique some interests- I got a guitar today. Technically, it's been in Jordan's possession for a few years now, but needed some new strings and some TLC. So it's all shiny and new now and I've already clipped my fingernails and almost learned a chord or two.

And that's about it. Off to Georgia bright and early in the morning!

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