Friday, March 2, 2012


so I know, I know. I've talked a lot about Advocare recently. I promise that this should be the very last post ever.

But I finished my 24 day challenge!!!!

Wednesday was day #24 and I couldn't be happier about my results! I already know of 3 folks who have also taken the plunge recently after seeing/hearing about MY experience. It's been pretty great, I can't complain AT ALL. Seriously, I've wanted to get rid of this weight for years... YEARS y'all. I wasn't ever classified as "overweight," but I knew I was more comfortable and healthier with fewer pounds on my frame, but I couldn't ever bring myself to stick with a diet or exercise plan. And now after only 24 days, I'm back down to what I weighed in high school. My clothes went from being snug to nearly falling off. People even tell me that my face looks clearer.

But before I get a little vulnerable by sharing what I've lost, folks have been asking what a no carb/dairy/sugar diet actually contains. So here's a rundown of what my intake has looked like over the last 3+ weeks. Lean proteins are encouraged (chicken, turkey, fish, eggs) and pork, lunch meat and red meat are discouraged (at least until phase 2). Healthy fats are my go-to snack (natural almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and all natural peanut butter. Avocado is also ok, but I'm personally not a fan.). Fresh fruits are encouraged during the day. Fresh vegetables are also welcomed. Finally, some carbs are actually allowed, but only whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal, sweet potato).

Are you still there? Bored to death yet?

Ok well here's the great news: I lost a total of 12 pounds and 6.5." My starting weight was 150lbs and I'm now comfortably sitting at 138lbs. Ridiculous! Even just typing that out seems unreal. I haven't seen the 130's in 11 years! I kept running regularly throughout the challenge and my energy is high. I hope now to continue sticking close to the same diet and maintaining my new weight for a little while. Visiting my family was exciting, because many of them noticed without even knowing I'd been on a diet. Nowadays, I'm getting lots of encouraging comments from folks at work and people at our church.

It feels good.

Advocare <<--Check it out.

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Erika said...

That is AWESOME girl! Losing weight is also my own hobby lately, and it's a lot of fun! I will be curious to see how maintenance goes for you and how your diet changes now. Keep us posted! Before/after pics?

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