Monday, April 9, 2012

Masters 2012

If you'd told me 7 years ago that I'd go completely gaga over the Masters, I'd think you were crazy. Just like since living in Rockport, I've learned "tourist" is a bad word, living in Augusta during Master's week is barely a blessing and mostly a curse. The city swells by tens of thousands and it's almost impossible to do anything or go anywhere with the traffic and crowds.

But something about growing up with it practically in my backyard, and now being 1000 miles away just makes me so sentimental over this incredible golf tournament. We all know how deeply ingrained golf is in my life, I mean, it's in my blood practically.

My dad is such a huge golf fan and was an avid golfer for many many years (I can remember he and my mom talking about doing the golf thing as more than a hobby). I spent many evenings at driving ranges. Our front yard had a tee and green (we had a couple of acres of land to work with)

This hole is my namesake! Its a big deal.

So this year's winner is Bubba Watson. You didn't read that wrong, the winner of the world's most prestigious and difficult golf tournament is named Bubba. The more I learn about this guy, the more I really like him. First off, the guy is a Christian. On his own website, at the top of his list of accomplishments is "Christian: loves Jesus and loves sharing his faith." Next, he's a good southern boy, who played golf at UGA. Third, he plays with a hot pink driver. Fourth, he literally wept when he made that winning putt to take this year's Green Jacket. It was incredibly sweet and a testament to his humble nature.

But it looks like Bubba Watson can also have a good time. Check out this video that he & his Golf Boys posted to YouTube. It might just have you laughing out loud. FYI: Bubba is the guy in the overalls. Enjoy!


Erika said...

Ahh yes, I experience the same Masters nostalgia. Lovin Bubba!! Especially since he just adopted a son 2 wks ago...and is a Dawg!

Emily said...

I was not a huge golf fan until I met my husband. He has been known to take off work on Friday so he can watch The Masters on tv. Someday he would LOVE to go in person. (We entered the lottery this year for the chance to buy tickets but didn't win.) It is his ultimate sports dream to go. So cool that you grew up there!

Kendra said...

I loved that his emotions were so knew it just wasn't a jacket to him.

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