Thursday, May 17, 2012

16 down...

24 to go! 

Wont it be a relief when I get to the opposite of this week... 24 weeks down (and a viable baby!) and 16 left? Regardless, I can't believe 4 months have already streaked by. And we're getting awfully close to our busy youth ministry summer schedule, so I'm sure the next few months will move at the speed of light. In the next 6 weeks alone, I have planned a weekend trip to Georgia, Jordan is going to Kenya for 2 weeks (during which my lovely lovely sister will fly here to keep me company during his absence), VBS at church, and summer camp (the first of two!) for our high school students, which just so happens to be in Tennessee.

And Tennessee is a nice segue into some of my interesting new pregnancy-related issues. You could say that I've gained a reputation at church for having a bladder of steel. Being a nurse will do that to you. Don't see the correlation between Tennessee and bladder size, you say? Well, imagine you're taking a couple dozen students in church vans on a long trip. Sometimes they need gentle reminders to use the facilities when there are facilities available. And then I was the person shouting barking from the front seat "You shouldve gone when you had the chance! We arent stopping for 3 more hours, so hold it!" Now enter pregnant Hollie who makes frequent trips to the little girls room. For example, in the 3 measly hours I was at church on Wednesday night, I HAD to pee twice. Many of our students have gotten a good laugh at my sudden reversal of pee-holding abilities, but most are now breathing a sigh of relief knowing we'll stop about 100 times on the way to Tennessee this summer.

What else is going on you say? Pregnancy brain (or placentabrain as Bobi Jo puts it!) is in full swing. When combined with another pregnancy issue, *ahem* constipation, I have nothing left to believe but that this baby has sucked out my brains and shoved them up my butt. Classy, I know. But seriously, there's nothing going on upstairs and nothing moving downstairs. And I hear this brain dead stupor only gets progressively worse from here, heaven help my poor husband. What was I talking about again?

Same red tank top & jeans.    +2 weeks.
Size: Avocado! (or 4.5" long)
Cravings: Still nothing specific, although I told Jordan this morning that the baby said it wanted a doughnut for breakfast (which totally worked! Such a great hubby!)
Aversions: Not too many anymore, although I think now that I'm out of my healthy eating habits, the junky stuff just sounds more appealing!
Movement: Was it gas bubbles or baby? Not sure yet, so I'll say no to movement.
Gender: No Clue!!!
Clothes: Normal tops, pants, and dresses (except for one pair of jeans that I could barely squeeze into pre-prego. They're now held together with a hair tie)
Looking Forward To: Spending some time with my family next weekend (first visit home since announcing I was pregnant), and feeling some little movements!


Lauren said...

Stopping by from Kelly's Korner! I live in Georgia and am due a few weeks after you! Congrats :)

Carey said...

You're so beautiful and looking good, momma!

Francis said...

The pregnancy brain is so real. I even frequently forget to turn the stove off. Yikes! But it's electric so I can't see a flame and forget.

Casey B said...

YAY!! I'm so excited for you/to see you :) Love you sis!

Becca said...

You are adorable! Unfortunately, for me, the pregnancy brain never really left. In fact, once the kiddos were here and kickin' it, I think it just got so much worse! lol!

Good luck with your pregnancy! I hope it goes by smoothly!

Analisa said...

I found your blog on Kelly's Korner!!

My baby is due beginning of December, so since you're just a few weeks ahead of me, I am so looking forward to reading about your pregnancy! Congratulations and best of luck! :)

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