Thursday, May 31, 2012

In a Glass Case of Emotion


It's finally here. After a year of talking and planning and raising money and stressing, the time has finally come.

Jordan leaves for Kenya tomorrow.

I was fine until I woke up this morning and it all sunk in and I've been a little unstable since. Like I just want to crawl under a rock and pretend this isn't really happening kind-of unstable. Add in crazy preggo hormones and a horrible trip to the Volkswagen dealership (6 hours later and my car's not done yet? I can't put into adequate words how much I loathe VW of CC.) and I'm just one big ball of depressed, angsty energy. Granted, I might be even more on edge if I was also still on the Kenya team, but that doesn't make it easy to shoo my hubs onto a plane tomorrow morning. Jordan and I figured out that this will be the longest stretch of time that we've been separated (and the greatest distance apart) since we've been married. I mean, it's Kenya! For 2 weeks!

I would never be strong enough to be a military wife.

For those of you creepers who read my blog and think it's a great time to break into my house just know I have a house alarm, a ferocious dog and 3 loaded guns in my nightstand. Take that, chancho.


Erika said...

You are such a badass!! Do you actually know how to use the guns? I would hate to mess with the emotional pregnant, armed-and-confident woman!

Susan said...

A pregnant woman without guns is scary who is packing a few...holy heck! You'll be so happy when Jordan gets home and hug him 'til the cows come home :-) Hang in there!

Samantha (everyshadeinbetween) said...

No one messes with Hollie!! Stay strong and I'll be praying for Jordan's safety, and your sanity! Let's have a phone date soon!

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