Monday, August 5, 2013

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We're [still] dealing with baby sickness here in the Mims house, which has brought productivity to a standstill.  I can't really justify using nap time to blog, considering there's at least 3 loads of laundry that need folding or drying. I'm convinced nowadays that laundry is never "done."

What I should really say, is that I can't really justify using ANY nap times anymore to blog. My time is better spent elsewhere. To be painfully honest and transparent, I'm struggling to put interesting content on here. Grasping for topics. Holding myself to a "numbers" standard ( x number of followers, x amount of blogs per month, etc.) Trying to navigate the whole tweaking of photos and creating little graphics to add that punch & pizazz that all the cool blogs have. It's all just become a burden. Each day my brain tells me "it's been __ days since you last blogged, time to start typing."

Shut up brain.

I've had my share of stresses heaped upon my shoulders in the last month which have absolutely nothing to do with blogging and haven't been shared in this forum (with the exception of Isaac's virus... or now viruses. Darn you summer cold). It's becoming overwhelming just dealing with the many pots that are boiling over on my proverbial stove. Instead of moving the task of blogging to the back burner, I'd like to just dump the whole thing out. Press delete. Or at least make it private. SO many things take precedence over this it's hard to carve out the time it requires. Those of you moms of multiple children who also work and crank out interesting, funny blogs with photoshopped photos and artist-quality graphics get two high fives from me. I can't even pretend to have it all together.

Maybe I'll have a writers block breakthrough and start churning out the posts. Maybe it'll be a couple of weeks before my digital words grace the screen. I've got to shake off this funk I'm in. Only time will tell how long that will take.

Until then,


Tonya said...

Oh Hollie, nothing is worth it. A sick baby will definitely damper one's spirits. There is light at the end of the tunnel...hang on :)

Kendra said...

I haven't blogged in like a week, blogging funk as well. Sometimes, I sit and think and think about things I could blog and then I go to type and nothing comes. Well, I do have one post sitting on the back burner;but just not ready to post it. Then I wonder if the things I do blog about are even that interesting to people?? Mmm, I totally understand where you are coming from.

E said...

Hollie, this is SO normal. A.) It is normal to get caught up in numbers and what we CAN'T do as bloggers, and B.) It is normal to have a hard time actually blogging when we feel like that. It's a tough spot to get out of, but it WILL get better!

I hope it won't last long, but try to show yourself some grace and just wait for the "feeling" to come over you.

In the meantime, I hope you don't quit blogging - I really love your writing and I think messages (even like this one) of REAL moms doing their thing are SO important to have in the blog world.

Take some time off, we'll be here when you get back! :)

Kathy said...

I blog basically for myself. When it stops being fun, I will stop blogging. Don't put pressure on yourself. Just do it when you feel like it.

Abby said...

Balancing being a mom and blogging is WAAAAYYYYY harder than I ever assumed it would be! As much as there is going on that I want to document with my son, sometimes it's just too much to actually sit down and type it out, much less type something out that isn't about him! I'm working on quality over quantity, if and when something comes to me, then I'll blog about it, and if that's weeks in between, so be it!

Hoping things get better around your parts, especially with your sick kiddo!

Amanda McD said...

I was feeling the same way and accidentally took the month of July off from blogging. Ooops! It ended up being the best thing for me.
I love reading your blog so I hope some time away to rejuvinate is all you need. Do whats best for YOU and take care of your sweet Isaac. ViruseS?? Ugh, you poor thing!

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