Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Baby furniture: M4M Revisited

This month's M4M: Revisited guest poster is Hillary and surprisingly enough, she's not a momma yet! She's writing about parenthood prep: getting your life ready for kiddos. It's what she's passionate about and I'm so glad to be featuring her here today. 

Choosing a Baby Crib: Fashion and Function

What to Expect When You’re Expecting, barely cracks the surface when it comes to preparing for motherhood for the first time. Besides the obvious emotional (and, ahem, physical changes), only a few first time mothers know just what a makeover their home is going to need! Making a smooth transition into your new lifestyle is definitely dependent on organization, and the choices you make now, can help save you time down the road. From the kitchen to the nursery, there are endless renovations to consider, all while trying to remain stylish and still being functional. Preparing for motherhood can be hectic, but it definitely doesn’t need to be chaos! Here are a few things to consider when getting ready for your new baby.

Think Big Picture

First, having a vision (or at least an idea!) is important. If you start making baby purchases randomly, you could end up with a weird mix of mismatched odds and ends, or inadvertently double up on items, when you could have gone for an all in one version. Check online nursery furniture stores such as Bambi Baby for options on as many dual purpose items as you can. One of the more major purchases that marks the passage into new motherhood, is your first child’s crib. A baby crib that doubles as storage can not only save space, it can help save your sanity. It may seem like a trivial detail now, but knowing that your changing table is tucked so conveniently close by can be a lifesaver when juggling diapers for an early morning change. If you play it right, the baby crib, furniture and accessories you choose now may carry you through to baby number two, or three, and one day, even help a friend in need.

Don’t Stress an Exact Match

Matching finishes can be a battle, but once you embrace your design concept, things begin to fall into place. Don’t be nervous if all that great and functional furniture you’ve picked doesn’t match exactly; try to think more in terms of a color palette, with a range of two or three colors in similar shades. Look for some direction on the web, and make sure you choose something that you really like, despite whether or not it is trendy. Finally, though is it no afterthought, make sure to check Consumer Reports for safety ratings of potential baby crib purchases. The most attractive baby crib in the world on sale means nothing if the crib itself is not safe and nontoxic. But don’t worry, preparing for motherhood can be fun and flexible, if you have the right plan, and know where to turn for help!

Hillary is looking to start a young family with her husband in the next year. She loves to learn about their new adventure of parenthood and family life. When she's not reading up on motherhood and family life, Hillary loves to bake, be active, and watch movies! Follow Hillary on Twitter: @HillaryFarr.

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