Thursday, June 5, 2014

Julep #5

It's time for another Julep showcase and review. This month I was particularly bummed by the color choices in each box. I think they were going for some sort of "genie in a lamp" vibe, but seriously? It's June. I want fun, bright, summery colors that I can wear on my fingers and my toes. Give me corals and pinks and glitter bombs that will look great with my non-tanned/occasionally-fake-tanned skin. Forealz.
 I opted for the Classic with a Twist box, because I either had similar colors in the other boxes, or just thought the options were ugly. It came with Bergen, a foggy, shimmery blue shade which is opaque in 2 thin coats. On the website it appears much more gray than it actually is in person. I found this disappointing, as I was really more interested in a gray-blue than a blue-gray... if that makes any sense at all. #nitpicker
The other color was Ariana, a glittery plum color. It is opaque in almost 3 coats. Seriously, the bottle looks so dark, but the polish goes on very lightly, which I actually really like. It could easily be layered over a different color polish for a little extra shimmer without impacting the overall base color. I put two good coats of this polish on for the photographs I took. I like the color, but just like Bergen, it's suited more for fall or winter nails than a fresh June manicure. Regardless, it'll get plenty of use.
Lastly, they included the Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat. Apparently, there's quite a bit of ruckus --good ruckus, not bad ruckus-- over Julep's original Oxygen nail treatment. I don't own it myself, but I've read several glowing reviews of the product and it's ability to transform a nail bed. So the folks over at Julep got together and created a similar product that can be used as a base coat (they also created a top coat version too), because you apparently aren't supposed to put polish over the Oxygen Nail Treatment. So I got the base coat. Previously, I had been using Essie 3 way glaze as my base coat, but I gave the OSBC a try this go around. I can't say that it's a miracle product yet, as I just painted my nails Tuesday evening, but I think anything can go under a coat of Seche Vite and be pretty fabulous. That stuff is incredible.

As always, if you'd like to give Julep a try, I'd get some fancy referral points if you use my linky here. Use code FREEBOX for your first box for free.


Erika said...

Yeah, all the Julep reviews I've seen for this month are so extremely non-summery!! I was wanting to see neon orange!!

Kelli @ A Deeper Joy said...

I never use a base coat but I really should. I'll try the Essie one :) I agree that those colors seem a bit dark for the summer BUT you'll glad to have them in the fall/winter. They're still great colors!

Kathy said...

I feel the same way. The only nice colors I saw were in their mystery boxes which you have to spend extra to get.

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