Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stitch Fix Number Four!

I got my Fix this month a little later than usual. Have I mentioned that their customer service is speedy and super helpful?? My fourth Stitch Fix box was scheduled to arrive the weekend Jordan and I were going to be in San Antonio, but with one easy email, they were able to push it back a week. 

My expectations weren't super high this time, after being disappointed with my last Fix, but nothing could've prepared me for the awesomeness that arrived to my doorstep! My first and second fix were pretty great too. If you're new to the Stitch Fix concept, it's pretty simple: Sign up online, fill out an extensive style profile, and schedule your Fix! Your box of goodies (Five in total! Tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories) arrives at your door step and you get 3 days to agonize over what you'll keep and what you'll return. They charge a $20 styling fee for each box, but that money is credited towards your purchase if you keep something. Even after a less-than-stellar box last month, I'm a huge fan of Stitch Fix!

Lets see what I got, shall we?

1. Corinna Striped Heathered Dolman Top. Love this top. ADORE this top. It's super light weight, a little on the long-almost-tunic side. It'll go along with nearly anything on bottom and can with either be more dressy or casual. This might be one of my favorite items ever received from Stitch Fix! Kept!!
(forgive my poor lighting. Ugh.)
Necklace: Simple Addiction
Pants: JCrew Factory
2. Henry Birds on Branch Infinity Scarf.  I really liked this scarf when I pulled it out of the box. The color is a nice minty blue-green and the pattern is really simple, which pairs well with other patterns or solids. Plus, the price point was pretty hard to beat. I may not get a lot of wear out of this while the temps are nearing 95 degrees with that terrible coastal humidity, but I can see myself putting this on plenty during the cooler fall & winter months. Kept!!
Top: JCrew Factory
Vest: The North Face
3. Logen Boyfriend Short.  I don't know how they do it at Stitch Fix, but somehow my stylist completely nailed my size once again. These shorts fit like they were made for me and the little rolled up details are a little casual, fun addition to a plain pair of jorts. There's a slight possibility that I've worn these almost every day since getting my Fix. Kept!!
Tee: JCrew Factory
Necklaces: Stella & Dot
4. Connor Racerback Mixed Striped Maxi Dress.  Strangely enough, while we were in San Antonio earlier this month, I saw a woman on the Riverwalk wearing a maxi dress. It had mixed sizes of varying stripes and I thought it was a really cute dress. Imagine my shock (and excitement) when I pulled a similar dress out of my box.... it's like they're stalking my brain. Another jersey maxi in my favorite print: stripes. Cant go wrong. Kept!!
Jacket: Gap
Bracelets: Sequin
5. Paltrow Lace Overlay Tank Top.  I'm such a sucker for lace. As soon as I saw this top in the box, I got extra giddy. It might be the one I was most exited about initially. Obviously, it was also a keeper.
Jeans: Kut from the Kloth
Earrings: Stella & Dot
So for the first time, I kept all 5 items! I loved every single piece. After having some issues last month, I wanted to make sure I was really getting a well-curated box. So, I made certain to go back and update my style profile with lots of specifics: what I absolutely didn't want, my problem areas, and any other helpful information. I also updated my Pinterest with plenty of desired outfits as well as why each outfit tickled my fancy. It apparently worked really well, because each item was a huge success. It also helped that I was reunited with my former stylist, Sarah.

In addition to this, the box easily fit into my budget! I've heard many people asking about the affordability, and whether or not it's something "doable" or more of a luxury. I was excited when I did some calculating and realized that after my $20 credit and an extra 25% off for keeping all 5 items, that each item ended up being a little over $30/piece! Would you think I was redundant if I told you how much I loved this Fix?

If you're ever interested in checking out Stitch Fix for yourself, you can use my referral link here.


Erika said...

Oooooh...I love all of the pieces, too!! You looks fabulous in that last picture (lace top)!!!

Kerry Bisig said...

Great Fix! I love the maxi and lace tank.

My 12th Fix is coming in a couple weeks so I might request that dress! :)

Kerry / /

Kris said...

Wow, what an awesome fix! I may have to pin everything here!

Anonymous said...

What brand is the maxi dress? Love it!

Abby said...

Not sure why I didn't comment on this. (actually we might have been at camp!) but you look great! Have you lost weight? (not that you needed to, but I remember our mom pudge talk!)

hollie marie said...

@Anonymous The brand is Under Skies. Thank you!!! :)

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