Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

EIGHT years ago today, I said yes (!!!!) to the man who would be my awesome husband. 
Honeymooners (the most tan I've ever been in my entire life)
Still Newlyweds
Pregnant with Isaac
Our little family on Isaac's first birthday
I am so ridiculously thankful for my husband and our marriage. We've had 8 years of laughter and tears, easy times and struggles, health and sickness, ups, downs, and all arounds. Through it all, he has been my constant support. He loves me without ceasing and puts up with all my junk. He is a fantastic daddy to our son (who incidentally thinks his dada is the greatest. Seriously. Mama is chopped liver compared to dada.) He is our kind and patient provider. Basically, I'm the luckiest wife ever. 

Even still, marriage is hard work: extending grace and love unconditionally, just like Christ has extended us grace and love without condition. Thirteen years as a pair and eight years as husband and wife has proven to be challenging, but the reward has been great. I look forward to spending many many more years together, and the new adventures on the horizon. Happy anniversary to my lovey cakes! I love you so very much!


Becky said...

Happy anniversary!! I hope you can snuck in a small celebration!! :)

Kathy said...

Happy Anniversary to the two of you! You make such a cute couple and the perfect parents for little Isaac. God certainly put you together.

P.S. Eight years for me in September. It must have been the year to get married!

Abby said...

Happy Anniversary! I'll be honest... I thought there was going to be another picture after Isaac's birthday one with an announcement. Bummer!

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