Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Adventures

So after spending the first few days of the week around Houston, Isaac and I came home last night to a hot refrigerator.


Sure, it gave me a great reason to clean out all that junk that gets left behind in a fridge after time. You know, the random stuff you buy, use one serving of, and can't justify throwing away yet because you just KNOW you'll use it again soon. Well, goodbye Chili Lime Chicken Marinade. Adios jar of pimentos. Oh, and goodbye carton of organic milk, dozen eggs, chicken, ground beef, breakfast, lunch, dinner...

Thankfully, my new Trader Joe's acquisitions don't require refrigeration. Corpus Christi, you need to think about investing in one of these establishments.
I have no self control. 
Also, THANKFULLY, after being cleaned out and left unplugged overnight, something happened in the fridge and it's now cooling normally again. Buying a new refrigerator wasn't really in the cards budget, so I am especially grateful for the Lord's provision. Isaac and I prayed over the situation last night before bed and I'm looking forward to sharing with him both now and in the future the way that God answered our prayers. Now, to get some coupons together to replenish our stock.

Back to our week! Isaac and I had a great time in Houston! It's high school camp week and this year, Jordan chose to take the students to a camp held at the University of Houston. It was definitely a MUCH shorter drive than last year's Atlanta camp... or 2012's Tennessee camp, but you can serve people and serve the Lord anywhere! So while the high schoolers and my husband were just a short drive down the road, Isaac and I stayed in the suburbs with Meme, Pa, and Pepper. We were able to visit with Jordan and some of our kids one evening and had plenty of our own adventures as well.

Our first day there, we went to the Houston Zoo. It was Isaac's first trip to the zoo, and he loved it! (well mostly...) We met our dear friends Bethany and Jacqueline there and had a great time laughing, sweating, and looking at animals.
When we first arrived, Isaac got a liberal application of sunscreen... which led him to believe we were going to the pool (his new favorite destination). So when we weren't at the pool, he was a little irritated.

But soon realized that this place full of monkeys and tigers and birds and bugs was pretty fun too.
 The chimpanzee enclosure was really neat, because they got so close to the glass! The chimps were seriously posing for the cameras and hamming it up for their spectators. Sorry for the glare on the picture!

 The giraffes were a big hit, as well as the elephants, petting zoo, and jellyfish!

We had a really fun time checking out the zoo! I could definitely see us going back again in the future. And of course, nothing beats getting some girl talk in!

Another day, we spent some time with the cousins at their pool. Obviously, this was a big hit with Isaac, but the cousins all seemed to enjoy the time too. We were given a floatie for Isaac and once he figured out it kept him mostly upright and above water, he was totally fearless! We had his favorite food (Pizza!!) for lunch and played with toys.... and got a busted lip. Poor guy totally ate it on Aunt Amanda's wood floor and tore his little lip up. I think his lip bled longer than he cried about it though, he's such a tough kid. A few days later, its just a little swollen and scabbed over. Looks like he'll survive! ... until the next busted lip!

Yesterday we visited Meme at her office, met her coworkers and had lunch together before heading back home. Jordan should be home this afternoon and we'll have a week "off" before the middle school camp. Maybe we can spend some time celebrating our anniversary! Summer is always exceptionally busy in youth ministry, and we love it!


Erika said...

LOVE the Houston zoo!! Glad Isaac decided it was an okay way to spend a day, too. Hard to beat a pool, though...

Kelli @ A Deeper Joy said...

Love Trader Joe's! That cookie butter looks delicious. Glad y'all had fun in Houston! Looks like your son was enamoured with the animals :) So cute!

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