Wednesday, December 17, 2014

34 Week Update (a few days late)

I celebrated making it to 34 weeks a few days ago, which means this Sunday, I'll be 35 weeks pregnant (yay math.).  The scarier alternative to saying that I'm 35 weeks along is that I have 35 days left until my due date. Yikes! I posted a 35/35 blog when I was pregnant with Isaac and I'd like to sit down and make another similar list of things to accomplish. I've been nesting like crazy over the last week, so now's a great time to get a to-do list together.

Here's the real bummer: I don't have a current pic of the bump. Boo.

I DO however have a pic from our family picture session. It's a couple of weeks old by now, but who cares? I can't wait to share the rest... once our Christmas cards get to wherever they're going!

Total Weight Gain: 27lbs or so? My weight has really fluctuated up and down over the last month... one appointment I've gained, then the next I've lost. Then I'm up a little and then I'm down a bit. It's been harder to keep up with.

Fetal Size: Some places say a pineapple, although that seems really REALLY uncomfortable to imagine being inside my tummy. Realistically, this baby is probably in the 5 pound range and somewhere between 18-20 inches long.

Movements: Still plenty of movements, but baby is slowing down a little bit. Even though this kiddo isn't quite as active, some of these pokes and jabs are getting pretty strong! I can tell already that this baby has very long legs! Haha!

Symptoms: Contractions. Heartburn. Contractions. Round ligament stretching. Contractions. Multiple trips to the bathroom each night. Don't get me wrong... I feel pretty great! All in all, it's exactly what I would expect to feel like at 34+ weeks. The contractions are there but easily manageable and nothing too exciting. The heartburn is manageable as long as I remember to take my prilosec at the same time every day.

Gender: Surprise!!!! What do YOU think Baby #2 is?

Cravings: I wouldnt turn down chips & queso, but that's no different from my non-pregnant self.

Aversions: Nothing much.

Next Up: Weekly appointments start up, GBS swab, and maybe one last ultrasound for size and position? I may pass on that ultrasound however; we all know I have a proven pelvis and I'm certain this baby is head down.

Mostly, I'm just SO excited to meet this baby. I can't wait to see what kind of a personality he or she has. I want some sweet newborn snuggles. I look forward to watching Isaac become a big brother. Despite the impending chaos of having 2 babies instead of 1, life just feels rosy right now.

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