Sunday, December 21, 2014


The day has arrived folks. I am a mere 35 days away from my January 25 due date. That's 28 days from my 39th week (which was when I had Isaac). The days are few.

And somehow, the details/to-dos are few as well.

I think it's just the second child nonchalance.

Just as my entire 2nd pregnancy has been less anxiety-filled than my first, I'm just not that worked up over getting a ton of things done in the next 4-5 weeks. I looked back over my 35/35 list from September 2012 which reminded me of some important things I haven't even thought of yet (oh yeah, what am I going to do with the dog? Ive thought about Isaac, but maybe not Mauve.). And then there were many things that I just don't have to repeat (Like I'm using the same pediatrician. Don't need to interview her! Ha!). But the furniture is put together, washing bottles can wait, I'm already registered at the hospital, and we're re-using 98% of Isaac's old gear, which since I've put it together/taken it apart 1,000 times since his arrival, I'm not sweating the fact that the carseat is still in it's box and the pack-n-play is tucked in the corner.

So, in no particular order, here's a list of things I'd like to have accomplished prior to baby #2's arrival:

  1. Get the carpets cleaned.
  2. Pack a minimal hospital bag.
  3. Have the house sprayed for bugs.
  4. Deep clean the house. #nestingprobs
  5. Buy some goodies for my doctor, CRNA, and delivery nurse.
  6. Pre-Baby Mani/Pedi.
  7. Fresh hair color & cut. 
  8. Prenatal Massage and bikini wax.
  9. Wash baby's newborn clothes and linens.
  10. Check on the status of my breast pump (thank you insurance company!)
  11. Arrange care for Isaac and Mauve if I go into labor early.
  12. Buy a "brother gift" for Isaac.
  13. GBS swab... fingers crossed I'll be negative again.
Compared to last time, this list is pretty do-able. And lets face it, even though having a fresh mani/pedi seems to be really important, lots of these things are frivolous and completely unnecessary. All in all, I'm pretty ready to have a baby. 

In 5 more weeks.

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