Friday, April 17, 2015

Five on Friday: update style

Wow, y'all.

Life happens.

Like when you're intending to send an encouraging text to a friend before breakfast and suddenly it's bedtime and still no text.

Or like when you intend to write a blog one day, then two weeks later there's still no blog posted.

Life happens. Thanks for hanging around with me while I sort out this life with 2 babies thing.

Since it's Friday, I thought I'd share a quick "Five on Friday" things that are happening with our family.

1. Potty Training!!! Two weeks ago today, we "threw away" all of Isaac's diapers and started wearing big kid underwear. I learned really quickly that potty training is a process... learning how to pee on the potty, learning how to poop on the potty, and learning how to stay dry during sleep times. So far he's really getting the hang of the peepeeing part. Despite a few frustrating accidents, and lots of gross moments, I'm really proud of my big boy and how well he's doing. It was my goal to potty train prior to going back to work, so I'm really happy that things are moving in the right direction.
Someone wanted to hold his big boy underwear while we were walking one afternoon.
2. Speaking of going back to work, I've got less than a week left of maternity leave!!! *sob* Now, I have been spending some of my free time up on the unit doing chart audits, but those days are just a few hours long and I can take Ian with me to nurse and cuddle while I work. It's a great set up.... but next Thursday will be my first REAL shift since having Ian. I have some seriously mixed feelings about returning to 12 hour shifts. While I know it will hurt my heart to leave my boys for such long days (and I dread pumping at work. ughhhhhhhh.), I also know how desperately I need some time with other adults. So next week will be a bittersweet ending to this short season of life.
Chart audits and baby naps.
3. THRUSH. Oh how I hate you. Ian and I have been battling thrush for a long time now. It creeps up, we treat it and sterilize everything, it goes away.... then it creeps back again. I feel like I do everything I'm "supposed" to do and yet here we are dealing with it again. So frustrating. And annoying. And gross. I am thankful that it's a minor --despite persistent-- problem and neither of us are as symptomatic as we could be.

4. eMeals! We signed up for eMeals a few weeks ago and have appreciated the service a ton. If you aren't familiar with eMeals, it's a meal planning service. You get 7 days of meals and a grocery list. It has expanded our dinnertime choices beyond tacos and poppyseed chicken. Some of the recipes have been really delicious, some have been forgettable, and all have been easy and relatively quick to prepare.

5. Honestly I can't think of a fifth thing. Lame-tastic. So I'll leave you with some sweet brother love:

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Kathy said...

That last picture really is sweet brother love. Both of them are so cute!

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