Thursday, September 4, 2008


I am content right now living vicariously through my nieces & nephew. (For those of you wandering about the ubiquitous "when are YOU having a baby??" question.)

I have recently been thinking about starting a 2nd blog that only talks about work. It seems like most everyone who reads my random thoughts on a regular basis seem to enjoy learning about L&D from an insider's point of view. Recently, at work,  we started a little book titled "Labor Laughs" and it's a journal of the funny/stupid things our patients say and do. Evil? only a little. I think if I did start a 2nd blog all about L&D, it'd also be called Labor Laughs. Would anyone read it????

I had one of those unfair days Tuesday. One of those, 'why?' days. It was also probably the first time I almost passed out during a delivery. Wild, I know. One of my patients had a 4th degree tear- I saw it happen and it took my breath away. For those of you who are privileged enough to be unaware of perineal tears and their differing degrees.... well.... in the case of a 4th degree tear, your bottom is never the same again. It's referred to as a "vaginal c-section" by cynical old labor nurses. It's bad. It was the first time I called Jordan on the way home and said 'I dont ever want to have a baby.'

Anyway. Back to the unfair part. I had 2 patients. One was 15 (recently turned 15) on her 2nd pregnancy. She labored for approx 4 hours, delivered after 3 pushes. No pitocin, had an epidural. Was a pretty ideal/easy delivery. And then my other patient was 39. First pregnancy. Married. Responsible. Labored for 15+ hours, with pitocin, pushed for 2 hours. Had an epidural which ran out midway through pushing. 4th degree tear. What about that makes sense???? There are a lot of things that I dont understand and this example is one of those things. You've got an unemployed, cracked-out mom who's pregnant with her 7th child; the other 6 are in CPS custody. And in the next room, you have the married couple who have finally resorted to in-vitro to get pregnant and are losing their baby @ 20 weeks. How does that make sense? Saying this would probably label me as a cruel person and unfit nurse, but I wish I didnt have to give my patient an epidural (the teenager); I wish she could have understood the pain of labor to hopefully keep her from getting pregnant again in 2-3 months. Because it will happen. 

But, because I am a prudent, responsible nurse, I am obligated to give all my patients equal care, regardless of how my conscience feels. 

My newest obsession: Bounce Pure Essentials Chamomile & Lemon Verbena scented dryer sheets. They're like smelling heaven in your clothes/sheets/towels. We have the box in our closet and it covers all odors; shoes, dirty socks, old seminary housing carpet. It's wonderful.

My other newest obsession: My new purse. I looooooove it.

Isnt it wonderful? Isnt my husband wonderful for giving me the go-ahead to spend an exorbitant amount of money on yet another new purse? I lurve it.

Too bad I dont have a picture of another current obsession: my hair & it's new auburn/copper fabulosity. 

My mommy is coming to visit in a couple of weeks & I am so excited!!! I love love love love getting company out here in Texas! It is so refreshing to have visitors, especially my mama. We've already decided to go to San Antonio while she's here and spend the majority of the day in San Marcos!!! Wooo!!! For those of you Georgians who dont know what San Marcos is, you'll just have to come visit and I'd be happy to make the trip down there with you too!!! 
Other plans (so far):
-Sam Moon (delicious.)
-Dallas Galleria (yummy.)
-Sprinkles Cupcakes (seriously. yummy.)
-Tex Mex 

I hate hearing about how upset people are that we dont visit Georgia more often, when it's just as easy (which, in fact, it isnt that easy) to hop on a plane to DFW. Anytime I phone my family, they're always upset that we cant come visit for so-&-so's birthday, but what's keeping them from visiting us??? Ok, now I'm just running my mouth. Enough.

Current song stuck in my head: All We Are by One Republic


Melissa said...

OuUuchhHH!!! I had a 2nd degree tear. Yeah... that was painful in itself. :)

I love you... and when you do have kids, I'm going to spoil 'em! :) But no rush! I'm spoiling my own right now!

Megan said...

I would definitely read it! Thats so funny, we started a running list a few years ago of the insane things Bride's say and do.

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