Friday, October 23, 2009

Gasp and Da-rool!! (name that movie!)

There are many folks I know who would proclaim fall to be the most wonderful season of the year. I dont share this opinion, personally I think fall is overrated. I'm more of a summer girl. I've finally come to the conclusion that I like warm weather because I'm so cold-natured. Makes sense right?

Regardless of my non-sensational view of the season we currently live in, it definitely has its perks. And being that I love food and eating and all things food-related, wouldnt you know, the perks are food related. While doing a little grocery shopping at HEB last night, I ran across two of my very FAV foods- both of which are strictly seasonal.

These guys are ridiculously delicious. I'm not a tart apple kind of girl and I'm not a soft apple kind of girl and these crazy yummy apples are neither. They are perfectly sweet and crunchy and all around perfect apples. They're only around for a short while, so I can get over the ridiculously high price per pound (2.99 at HEB!... which means 3 apples were over $7!). Oh but the sweet snack is more than worth it!

Thankfully, my very favorite flavor of ice cream is usually around until after Christmas (although I look for the green half-gallon every trip to the grocery store- hoping i'll get lucky). When I saw it stocked at HEB last night (after I found the apples- it was a GREAT trip!), I came verrry close to buying multiple cartons! Jordan insisted that it would be frozer burnt before we ate it all, but I insisted that it would be gone well before that! Oh and it MUST be Blue Bell. There are other brands with peppermint ice creams and they are ok. Great peppermint ice cream can only be found under the gold rim top!

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Erika said...

I totally agree with you on the Peppermint Icecream--LOVE. And I should try those apples, they sound great! Although at that price...maybe I shouldn't. :)

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