Saturday, October 24, 2009

Calling all Designers!

I'm ready to tackle a few more window mis-treatments. I've loved my guest room treatments so much and they were so easy, I had no choice but to dive into another project. Jordan will be leaving Monday for a conference in Fort Worth (jealous!!!), which gives me 2 days by myself to play with Mauve (she's learning to lay down...slowly) and be crafty! I want to do my Master Bathroom window next. This may be an odd choice, but hear me out- we have no towels for this bathroom. We've been using the powder blue/khaki colored towels which belong in the guest bathroom. I dont want to buy towels & mats (hello! Slippery!) until I figure out what I want the room to look like. We dont have the ability to put up a shower curtain because our shower is a stand- up variety. That leaves the window & its curtains.

So lets review:
{The Bedroom}
{And the Bathroom}

I want the Master Suite to be cohesive, so I'm going for a yellow/neutral bathroom. I've found a few different swatches of fabric that I really like. Opinions are needed!

This is a swatch I found online at Calico Corners. It's a little pricier than I'd like, but still pretty cute. I'd want to order a piece for myself and check out what it looks like with the gray walls.

The next 3 fabrics I found at Joann. I like this because (a) they're on sale right now at Joann and (b) I have 2 Joann gift cards. I went to a salesperson to get a swatch cut of each and she so graciously cut me a 1 inch by 1 inch square. Gee thanks Joann saleslady. So I took the bolts of fabric back to the display with me and stealthily took pictures of each bolt with my iphone.

I think this guy is my favorite. The great swatch I got has a spot of black on one corner and the rest is cream colored. Makes the whole matchy matchy thing reallllly easy (not!). Gee thanks Joann Saleslady.

This one is my least favorite, but it coordinates perfectly with #4

I kind of want to use this in the bedroom, although I'd love a stripe in the bathroom too. I think it's an easy enough pattern that it wont clash with the duvet in the bedroom, but still have a little more personality than solid treatments. If I used this in the bedroom and fabric #3 in the bathroom, it'd be that coordinating tie-the-two-rooms-together thing I'm going for. Only #3 isnt my favorite.

One thing is for sure, yellow/neutral modern fabrics arent the easiest things to find. Leave a comment or some facebook message-love and give me some tips! I'm also still looking for an idea of what to hang above our bed!


Erika said...

Wow, this is tough. OK, well I totally love #1, but it'd definitely be the toughest, what with being expensive and not easy to see if it actually may as well stick to stuff you can easily look at in person. Really I like all 3. I think #2 has the most personality, but it would also be fun to mix it up with combining fabrics like 3 & 4. So basically I'm no help at all. :)

However, a crafty friend (Kristina (garrett) Boothe, if you know/remember her) helped me make a really easy/cheap/fun wall hanging a few years ago and if you got some good deals on fabric it could be really fun for your room. I think I have a pic of it on my blog somewhere...I'll look and see if I can find it or else email you a pic!

The Lowry Place said...

I like #2

design gal said...

oh! I love #2! probably because that is the fabric I did my bedroom pillows in! great choice! :) cute blog by the way!

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