Saturday, October 31, 2009

Away to me Pig (Name that movie!)

Looks like the hiney flu may not be so far from home!

Jordan came home from Dallas on Wednesday and woke up Thursday morning feeling achy & icky. After laying around for a while, he finally went out Friday night and bought a thermometer. (I have no idea where ours went... it was a cheapy old shake-down variety). He had a fever of 103! I dont know why he waited until it was too late to go to the doctor (6:30! On a weekend!!), but thankfully I was able to pull some strings with a SUPER NICE doc while I was at work and got Jordy started up on some Tamiflu.

Disclaimer!!!!: We arent 100% sure Jordan even has the flu. He's been battling some congestion since our trip to GA and this could be bronchitis. He hasnt been swabbed for the flu- we are just being proactive with the antivirals!

So in honor of my sick hubs- check out his current favorite YouTube video!

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Casey D said...

We go to Chick-fil-A but Not On Sunday
And I don't endorse family guy but I still think its funny :)
Hope Jordan feels better soon!

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