Friday, March 4, 2011


Civilization has returned to the Mims' Casa! And in honor of having reliable wifi once again (the internet's been dying for weeks and then finally kicked the bucket. AT&T's been replaced!), I shall entertain with a joke!

A Cheerio Tale:

Once there was a cheerio, and he was just a plain old cheerio. Since nobody really likes plain cheerios, Mr. Cheerio lived a life just as plain. But he wished and wished and wished that one day he would miraculously become a frosted cheerio, since of course those are the best. Despite his wishing, Mr. Cheerio went on about his plain life, with his plain job in his plain house.

One day, Mr Cheerio woke up to an interesting sight. Overnight, he developed a small oddly-colored spot! Bewildered, Mr Cheerio didnt really know what to do. He went along to work as usual, but all day long wondered what that spot meant. Finally, that evening, he gathered up all the courage he had.... and licked the spot. And nothing happened.

The next morning, Mr Cheerio woke up and was getting ready for his day when suddenly (!!) he looked in the mirror and realized that throughout the night, he morphed from a plain Cheerio into a much fancier Honey Nut Cheerio! Mr. Cheerio was pumped, because even though Honey Nut cheerios dont quite measure up to their frosted counterparts, it's a much better fate than to be a plain cheerio. So Mr. Honey Nut then reaped the benefits- new job, better house, more friends. His life was really turning around, however, deep down inside, Mr Honey Nut still really wanted to be a frosted cheerio.

Several weeks go by and one day, Mr Honey Nut wakes up to find himself in a familiar situation: that darn spot is back. Perplexed, Mr Honey Nut goes ahead to work, but spends all day thinking about what this spot could mean for him this time around. He could hardly wait to get home so that he could.... lick the spot once again. And nothing happened.

But then miraculously, the next morning Mr Honey Nut had become a Frosted Cheerio!!! All his wants and wishes and dreams had come true! Mr Frosted was overjoyed! He now had the ticket to the good life: the best job, a great house, tons of friends. Mr Frosted was living large and got invited to all the best parties. In fact, he was at a fabulous party almost every night of the week. Recently, he was at a party and after hours of schmoozing and dancing with other fabulous frosted cheerios, Mr Frosted realized that he was really, really thirsty. So he went around in search of something to drink. He saw in one corner a line of cheerios waiting for milk, but being a smart cheerio, Mr Frosted remembered that cheerios eventually get soggy in milk, so he passed. He continues searching, and comes upon a line of cheerios waiting for water. Mr Frosted, remembering his tasteless plain cheerio days, wants nothing to do with plain old water. Mr Frosted then has an epiphany! He wants- no he NEEDS some fruit punch! So Mr Frosted starts searching and looking. Famished, he asks other cheerios and wanders from room to room in search of his perfect drink. Unfortunately, after hours of searching, Mr Frosted finally realizes....

There is no punchline.

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Erika said... the joke. It's been awhile since I've heard a good joke. Thanks!! :)

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