Monday, March 25, 2013

5 Month Update

I say it every month, I just can't believe how quickly Isaac is growing up. Maybe this isn't going to be an "inspirational" or "educational" M4M post, but I couldn't brush off our 5 month update. While I've really loved hosting A Month 4 Moms, I also miss posting about everyday life... like losing my phone 2 weekends ago (devastation!!!), and unintentionally ripping a chunk of my eyelashes out (yowzers!), and surviving our first stomach virus (gross.), and on and on. Anyway, back to Isaac... who incidentally is the inspiration behind A Month 4 Moms, making this post completely appropriate. 

This past month has been total joy. Last month was a test, but this month has been wonderful. You have been so happy and easy going, it's really been so much fun to be your momma. Nighttime sleep and naps have been largely successful, and feeding is still going well, so I can't really find anything to complain about this past month. 

You're still nursing 5 times per day, but I have a feeling you'll be ready to drop a feeding soon. Your daytime naps are kinda sorta getting longer and your last feeding is getting very short, so maybe when we start you on solids, I'll make the change to 4 feedings per day. We'll just have to see about that. Like I said, we haven't done the solid food thing yet, and to be completely honest, I'm in NO hurry to start. Dr. Canales gave us the go-ahead at your last appointment, but you seem to be doing just fine with exclusively nursing. Maybe by next month's update, you'll be chowing down... or maybe not. You don't have any teeth yet and I don't see any evidence on your gums of having any popping through soon.

I'm afraid the thumb sucking is here to stay, but thankfully, I only ever notice you doing it in your crib when falling off to sleep. While I was hoping we'd escape pacifiers and thumb sucking, I guess I have to be okay with it and keep my fingers crossed that the habit doesn't start to cross over to wake time. You've also taken to sleeping on your side with an arm draped over your face. It's pretty cute. Despite rocking up onto your side to sleep, you aren't rolling over at all anymore. It seems, however, that you're minutes away from being able to sit unsupported. We'll see if that materializes soon.

Your sweet laugh is such a joy, and thankfully we are hearing it a little bit more. Sometimes it takes a lot of prodding, and then sometimes you giggle at the most random things. Like earlier today when we were sitting outside watching Mauve jump around, you got so tickled at her and giggled. Even if you are a little stingy with your laughs, you are always smiling and "talking". You've also really picked up on blowing bubbles/raspberries, which is as cute as it gets. Between the smiles, babbles, and bubbles, you really are SO fun to play with.

Mauve loves you... and you aren't totally certain about this.
You love being outside, so we go on lots of walks together. When Mauve goes along with us, she walks right next to your stroller and watches you the entire time. It's sweet to see her be so protective over you.  Now that she's gotten attached to you,  you're also noticing her more, and have even been known to "pet" her on occasion. You've really taken to playing with toys nowadays and you have a few favorites (The O-Ball, Sophie the Giraffe, your crocodile, and Marty the moose are always winners!) You're now wearing size 3 diapers and I would guess you're between 18 and 19 pounds. Your size is mostly brand-dependent. You can still [snugly] fit into some of your 3-6 month outfits, but 6+ month clothes are more your size these days. It makes Jordan and I laugh when you're around other babies who are older but not bigger than you are. We still have no idea where you got these huge genes from, but maybe you'll start to even out now that you've doubled (I'm assuming this since I dont have an actual weight for you this month) your birth weight.

You have my whole heart and are my great joy. Thank you, sweet boy, for being more than I could've asked for in a son. I don't know how I got so lucky, and I hope and pray that as you continue to grow up too quickly, that I can guide and protect you, that I can point you to Jesus, that I can give you many things to laugh and smile at, and that I can show you unconditional love.

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Becky said...

He is such a cute baby! That picture with him and Mauve is so sweet and hilarious! Ripping out some eyelashes sounds painful ouchhh!

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