Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Finishing Strong

March is already 2/3 of the way finished and I feel like the crunch is on to end M4M on a good note. I think there's been more activity on the blog this month than any other month since clicking the "start blog" button in 2008. I definitely have a newfound respect for you awesome bloggers out there who post on a daily basis-- it's definitely a full-time job! Despite the time commitment, I have been totally jazzed by the guest blogs and the feedback that's been coming in during M4M. So much so, I've been thinking about doing a M4M redux maybe once or twice a month in the future. Which begs the question(s):

Would you like to see M4M continued in the future???

What topics are you interested in reading about???

Leave me a comment and let me know what your thoughts are!

From here to the end of the month, we've got some great posts still on the way from some awesome guests. Coming soon is a sweet story of adoption, which I'm super excited about. I'll also be posting about quick/easy/fun fashion for Moms which'll include a fun giveaway. Another post will be about discipling your children from an incredible mom of three teenage boys. I hope you guys enjoy these blogs as much as I do!

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