Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Eight Months!

My sweet boy, you are now eight months old!
It has been a month of laughter and tears - whew- what a roller coaster. You continue to be such an easy-going, always happy baby. You love playing with your toys and can entertain yourself for quite some time just playing on the floor or jumping around in your bouncer. You are praised everywhere you go for your smiles and good behavior. You aren't anywhere close to being mobile, but it will come (probably sooner than I'd like!). You started taking baths in the regular tub this month and love being able to splash around, stretch your legs, and play with your bath toys.

This month you figured out how to shake your head "No" which is ridiculously cute. Especially when you shake your head "No" to questions we ask you. Like, "Do you want to take a nap?" ...No. "Do you want more dinner?" ...No. (proceeds to open mouth) Too soon, you'll know what No means and probably won't be afraid to use it, but for now you are so funny!

You're also starting to babble, and your little voice is just the sweetest thing I've ever heard. "Dada" came first and you've gotten "Mama" out once or twice too. Of course, I wish you'd said Mama first, but you're still awfully cute, so I'll let it slide.

You LOVE to eat! Solid foods are still going really well for you. This month you've eaten yogurt, mashed avocado, pureed spinach, kale, chicken, rice, pears, blueberries and sucked on a little watermelon. You tried bananas again but it wasn't successful this month either.  I'm still making 98% of your food and let me just say, pureeing chicken was disgusting. Thankfully you love your chicken & rice dinners! We have yet to master chewing table foods, because each time I put something in front of you to grab and chew, you gag. One of these days you'll get it down, so I'm not worried.
Checking out some yummy watermelon. Mauve likes cleaning up after Isaac!
In the last month, your top two teeth have broken through, taking your tooth count to FOUR. Having both top and bottom teeth now makes you a little more dangerous than you were with only gums. I've already written an entire post about the nursing strike you took last week including the OW-inducing bite that started it all, so I won't rehash it again.  I just can't get over how much it changes the way you look... because you look like such a big boy with all your teeth!!

You're wearing some 12 month clothes, but can also still fit into a few of your 9 month clothes. You're wearing size 3 diapers still. You're still nursing 4 times per day, eating 2 meals, taking 2 naps, and sleeping 7pm-7am each night. I don't have an official weight, but assume you're hovering around the 20lb mark still. We wont see Dr. Canales again until your 9 month well-baby check up, and hopefully not sooner!

My sweet, sweet boy, you have stolen my heart. I pray that I may continue to point you to Jesus in all things. You have brought me such immense joy. You have softened my heart to all things. You have caused me to fall deeper in love with Christ. I love you so dearly.


Becky said...

Those videos are hilarious and SO cute!!! :)

Rachel said...

How the heck do we have 8 month olds with 4 teeth? HOW?!

Kathy said...

I can't believe he's 8 months already! He just gets cuter all the time.

Casey B said...

Also my favorite topic for you to blog about :)

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