Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy B-day!

Today is my lovey-cakes' 30th birthday!!!


 There's never a dull moment when you're around.

I want to wish the happiest of birthdays to my incredible, loving, funny, sarcastic, goofy, patient, smokin-hot hubby. I love you far beyond what words could describe! You're the greatest husband and my perfect complement. I've loved watching you become the best daddy to our little boy. Seeing the way you love him makes my heart melt for you all over again. You're the best! 

Happy Birthday Jordan!


Becky said...

Happy birthday to your hubby! That picture of him in the plastic is pretty hilarious!

gayle @ grace for gayle said...

Happy birthday, lovey-cakes! :) Just kidding, but that's flippin' adorable. Happy birthday to your hubby! Welcome to the 30s!!!

Gayle | Grace for Gayle

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