Friday, June 14, 2013


Ohhhh shoot.

If writing about my life wasn't vulnerable enough already, it's about to get REAL in here.... Feast your eyes on my very first vlog. Check it out:

(FYI: I didn't get compensated for the review, it's just what I really thought about this product. Boscia doesn't know me from Adam.)


Erika said...

Love it!!! I haven't tried a BB cream yet either and have totally been wondering how this 'self-adjusting' action works. Or...doesn't. Apparently the latter, in your case. Seems like they could do better by just making it in a few base shades (like say Light, Med, Dark?) or something and having them do some minor self-adjusting from there? Who knows. Can't wait to see what other products you tested! Also what did you actually BUY in order to receive said samples?!

Casey B said...

Oh Hollie! You're so silly :) I thought the VLOG was pretty cute. You have some awesome facial expressions to help get your point across and I love them! There were a few awkward pauses, but I think that was just with you first VLOG, it will be a little awkward getting use to it. Overall, I thought it was great :) I won't be getting any self-adjusting BB cream anytime soon.

Tonya said...

I don't even know what BB cream or a primer is...ha!

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