Monday, November 11, 2013

Busy doesn't even begin to describe it.

It's been quiet here on the blog front for the last week & a half. And of course that's due to the fact that our lives have been busting at the seams here at home! I have been busy with several really large commitments which just seem to take up every spare moment in my day.

  • My half marathon training is really starting to add up these days. Saturday I ran 10.15 miles with my running buddy. I like making that time for myself (including two other short runs during the week), but it is definitely a considerable chunk out of my overall day. 
  • I'm throwing a baby shower for a sweet friend this weekend and have been planning and prepping and organizing my buns off. I enjoy throwing parties, but the ahead of time grunt work can be ridiculously time consuming. Thankfully, there are several other hostesses who are sharing in the shower, which takes a little of the responsibility off of my shoulders.
  • Isaac seems to be dropping another nap. This time instead of it being at my leading, it's at his insistence... which hasn't gone over so well around here. Last week he was like a bionic baby, taking no naps for a few days. Zero productivity I tell ya. Zero. Thankfully, I think *fingers crossed* we've got him sorted out and are just down to one longer nap each day instead of two shorter naps. In any case, last week was stressful. 
  • I was in a catalog photo shoot. Yep, you read that right! I can now add "catalog model" to my resume. I like to think that all those years of watching America's Next Top Model while I was in college helped prepare me for this fancy pants role. Also, my mom enrolled my sister and I into "modeling" classes when we were in elementary school. We learned how to have more poise and how to hold really still in a store window. So maybe Jordan and Isaac were also included in this catalog. And maybe I was posing for a local fertilizer business. But we definitely had fun and were all handsomely rewarded for our time with Spray-N-Grow gift certificates.
  • In less than two weeks, I'll take 2 dozen high school students out of town for our annual Girls Retreat. I still need to write materials, order books, design T-Shirts, send out parent letters, meet with my adult leaders, and tie up about 100 other loose ends. I am absolutely overwhelmed right now with this and kinda feel like I've pushed myself up against a wall, but am really looking forward to a weekend away with these girls. 
  • I'm over halfway done with my preceptorship at work, which I am superthankful for (the being halfway over part.). I've enjoyed teaching and leading my orientee all about Labor & Delivery, but it is both time consuming and a little frustrating. Mostly because I know I could do everything that needs doing in a fraction of the time, but taking the reins entirely isn't conducive to learning and so I have to hand over some responsibility little bits at a time, while also explaining rationales and such in the process. Plus, adding in an extra 12.5 hour shift into each week makes such a huge difference in my overall available time. Ready to be done.
  • Lastly, I'm about 3/4 of the way through a 24 day challenge. Which doesn't necessarily take up a substantial amount of time (unless you count the fact that I'm pretty much cooking every meal... no ordering pizzas, which strangely enough is what I miss most of all), but I've definitely had a few cranky afternoons since dropping sugar & simple carbs. 
Here's hoping for a few lazy afternoons in the not so distant future...

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