Monday, November 25, 2013

Treading Water

Oh dear friends, thanks for hanging in there.

Life is still moving at breakneck speed around our house, although I see a glimpse of less busy times up ahead. Here's a little random run down of what's been going on recently:

I'm finished with orientation at work, which means I've talked poor Megan's ear off about labor curves and fetal interventions (among other things) and she still wants to be a Labor & Delivery nurse. Our six weeks are finished and she's on to learning new things before getting thrust into the world of nursing on her own two feet. If you ask me, I think she's going to be a fantastic nurse.

This also means I'm back to part time hours again. Huzzah!

This past weekend was supposed to be our great and glorious Girls Retreat 2013. Notice the "supposed to be." As it turns out, our high school football team is doing really well and advancing in the playoffs, which meant they had a big time playoff game this past weekend. Considering that would've knocked out several of our girls AND a few leaders, I felt it was most right to postpone.

Do you know how difficult it can be to schedule an out-of-town retreat? Between the already-nailed-down youth events, and the other adults' schedules, and the student's extracurricular activities, and my own work schedule, and available dates at our location of choice.... it's nearly impossible to pick a date that is 100% commitment free. Oy.

This also means that I have some extra time to beef up and refine the retreat materials (quiet times, small group guides, large group discussions). Have I mentioned how great "Gods at War" is? Not to be confused with "How Great is our God" #punny I plan to share some excerpts and high points from our weekend as well as an awesome video that a friend of mine put together just especially for our weekend. If you go to her blog, you can watch it now. It's totally worth the 10 minutes. I promise.

Last Wednesday, Isaac had some swollen gums. By Saturday, he had TWO new molars AND a new canine... with another canine on the way. Poor boy has been c-r-a-b-b-y. I'm looking for the silver lining... three of his four molars and two of his four canines are in. My hope is that once the remaining molars/canines break through, he'll catch a break from teething for a little while. #momneedsabreaktoo

We've also passed a nasty upper respiratory infection around the house. I was down most of the weekend (so it's a good thing I wasn't in Brenham trying to entertain 20 other people). Isaac still has some drainage and a cough. Fellow mommies: Did your kiddos ever revert back to frequent spit ups during a cold? Isaac spit up 4 times this morning between breakfast and lunch. Most of it was mucous, so I can only assume it is drainage-related. (?)

I just happened to check the date and realized my little snotty teething lump of boy is 13 months today! Lets celebrate by throwing a temper tantrum and drooling on everything. Seems to be the norm around our house these days. Between teething and sickness, I am ready to have my happy boy back.

Thanksgiving is coming up shortly and we are both hosting another couple at our house and traveling to Houston to visit family. I've never actually cooked a turkey for Thanksgiving (last year we broke all the rules and had a ham instead.), so I am crossing my fingers on this one.

I started, endured, and finished my second 24 day challenge! This time I lost 10lbs and 8 inches overall. I'd be back to my pre baby weight if I hadn't put on a few extra pounds right before it was challenge time. Either way, I'm finally fitting back into my normal clothes without the aid of spanx or flowy-top-like-camoflage. #win

The Dallas Half Marathon is only a couple short weeks away and I am both excited and petrified. I've finished several "long" runs here lately and there's nothing that I should be nervous about, but I just can't ever shake the jitters. I think i'm currently more concerned with the logistics than the actual run, but I guarantee you, by race morning, I'll be taking nervous poops. Not lying.

The weekend after the half marathon, we're braving the skies with an almost 14 month old and heading home to Augusta for a Christmas visit. I'm open to any and all tips for flying with a wild child. Suddenly, last year's trip with a 2 month old doesn't seem nearly as daunting as it did at the time.

So maybe life isn't slowing down.

But the blog has.

Hang in there friends. And have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


E said...

Whoa girl! You are a busy thing! Love all the wonderful things that are keeping you busy though.. :)

Hey, can you tell me more about the 24 day challenge?

Casey B said...

Missing our Thanksgiving Ham this year;)

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