Thursday, October 31, 2013

Isaac's Birthday Party

Here are some shots from around Isaac's birthday party! It was really loosely themed around little red wagons. I made certain to spend the party right next to my little guest of honor, which means I didn't take any pictures. Instead, I entrusted my camera to some able-bodied picture takers, who captured lots of fun moments. Enjoy!

We ate lunch, played with bubbles and sidewalk chalk, colored, ate cake & cupcakes, opened presents, and then collapsed! My little guy loved being surrounded by other kids and adults-- never once did he shy away from the attention. We served hamburgers and hot dogs with all the fixins, Ruffles and dill dip, chips and queso, chocolate dipped pretzels, cupcakes, and red punch or water. I think I stressed up until the absolute last minute, but as soon as the party got going, it was a lot of fun!!

Some of our favorite pictures from the past year.
It took him about 6 seconds to rip off the "ONE" that was attached to the front of his highchair.

The Aftermath. It should be noted that he didnt actually eat any of the cake. The kid's just not a sweet eater.
Opening presents in his new big boy chair!

Happy Birthday Little Buddy!!!!

Cake/Cupcakes: Morgan Vasquez
Hanging lanterns/puffs, balloons: Party City
Bunting, Happy Birthday Isaac hanging, ONE high chair decoration: Handmade
Bowtie Onesie: Krafts by Kizzie


Jess @ Adventures in Ginger Mommyhood said...

So cute!

Kendra said...

Hollie! So cute and fun! Klayton wouldn't even touch his cake on his first birthday, I was hoping for a mess and got nothing! Love Isaac's new chair!

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Michelle @ Life on the Horizon said...

What a cutie and what a fun party!

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