Sunday, December 1, 2013

Family Devotionals for Advent

Today is the start of Advent! Growing up, our family never really participated in Advent. We didn't get the calendars with the chocolate or give little gifts. It just wasn't our thang. But, this year, Jordan and I are excited to share the season of Advent with Isaac. It's a great way to orient our minds and hearts on the true meaning of Christmas-- the birth of Christ!

Here are a few free devotionals that you can read along with your family this Christmas season. There are some daily reading devotionals, some weekly reading devotionals, and a calendar of activities with correlating scripture passages to read.

Maybe you and your family don't typically celebrate Advent or have a time of family worship. Can I encourage you to choose a devotional to read together each day? This is a perfect time to start a family tradition of gathering to read God's Word. Parents, don't be afraid to lead your children in family worship- it can be a beautifully sweet time together! 

Daily Readings:
     Looking Forward to Christmas (Denison)

     Good News of Great Joy (Piper)

Weekly Readings:
     Lifeway Week One: Faith 

     Lifeway Week Two: Prepare

     Lifeway Week Three: Joy!

     Lifeway Week Four: Love

     Lifeway Week Five: Christ

Activity Calendar (Voskamp)

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