Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Wow. Where did that year go?

2013 was a year like none other.

It was a year of growth.

For the first time ever, I feel like a completely different person compared to who I was on January 1, 2013.

As a wife.

A mother.

My own self.

I watched my little love go from a quiet newborn to a precocious boy. I'm still learning how to be his mama. We've had our moments of pure joy. And we've had days full of tears and frustration. But we've both done our share of growing.

Maybe in 2014, I'll learn to get up early if I want to take a long, hot shower without a curious onlooker.

Learning how to balance everyday living with the needs of a baby, and then also making time for my marriage. Learning how to be intentional in our relationship, to reconnect on a regular basis, to communicate.

Maybe in 2014, I'll learn how to love and respect my husband on an even deeper level.

I learned how to lose my identity in the everyday. I take that back, I learned I had a new identity, a new season in life. New important things replaced the old important things. Sacrifices were made. Life is just different now than it was a year ago. I still struggle to make time for myself, and I think all mothers do.

Maybe in 2014 I'll learn to be more intentional; to carve out time each day to commune with the Lord.

2014 will be about balance. Putting down the junk and picking up the worthwhile. A year about laughter. Choosing to take myself a little less serious. A year about joy. And most of all, 2014 will be about love.

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